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I guess I am hoping we can learn something from each other. Blogs have been one of the most amazing and useful (and FREE) information resources I have had in my life.

As a super busy mom of 7 I do not get to be social out of the house much these days so the internet and social media are how I keep up with my friends and family, and how I meet new people and learn new things.

One thing I have noted these years as a mother is how important it is to stay in touch with other moms. Whether it is through sharing experiences, motivation, any kind of tips, beauty secrets or challenges – having friends who have kids too makes parenting that much less confusing because you can learn from each other and gain strength knowing that there are other moms out there facing similar challenges and and experiences as you are.

Although I know I have grown and matured so much in the past 14 years of being a mother – I had not realized how all the wisdom I’ve gained or how much stronger I have become – until I started writing this blog.

As a mother of 7 I have no shortage of stories about my kids, and that is usually what I am going to talk about; and it will not be unusually common either for me to talk about money troubles, lack of sleep, God, real estate, law, fitness, beauty, surviving motherhood from the first (and second) teen pregnancies to now, raising teen daughters and living on the tiny Caribbean jewel, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

I am all in to pageants, so I will more than likely be discussing that, and fashion, girls’ hair care, hair styles, make-up and how I try to keep myself together in between 16 loads of laundry per week and a never-ending shopping list.

Now that I’ve mentioned all that – I realize I actually started my blog to vent; I have been desperately lacking an offload of things that go on in my head and I think blogging might be it. I love making a difference in people’s lives, and making others laugh, or find hope. I like to share information and I love to learn – so teach me, that is all I ever ask for because with knowledge you can do all else.

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