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Dining-out as a family can take some planning so it is always a great idea to do your research first.

I check menus and prices of any proposed family dine-out location by searching for the restaurant’s website; I can then work out my budget and a little extra to stop for ice-cream. As you can imagine the task of getting ready can take my family of 7 children (all daughters) up to 3 hours to dress with combing hair and my eldest daughters changing outfits 3 or 4 times while running back and forth from my room to theirs seeking my opinion on the chosen blouse or pants.

Due to the time and effort boarding my family in to our 12-seater mini van takes, when we decide to go on an adventure such as dining-out, I have to plan ahead… waaaay ahead. I look for a restaurant in Grand Cayman that I can feel comfortable with my children, friendly waiters, kid-friendly menu, comfy seating, great food, all the things we want to experience. Living in the Cayman Islands has given me the opportunity to try out the many options available and here are my 3 favorite kid-friendly Grand Cayman restaurants. Each of these restaurants are all at the mid-range price point I would say.


North Side, Cayman Island

Why we like it

My kids and I absolutely love taking Sunday drives up to this restaurant and enjoying the casual dining, delicious smoothies and kid-friendly food. Rum Point Bar & Grill is an outdoor, beach side restaurant (if I may call it that) located at the far, more quiet and nestled side of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It is located on one of the most fabulous swimming beaches in Grand Cayman; I would say second only to Seven Mile Beach. This is not really the usual “dine-out” experience as you would really only choose this location if you plan to take a swim and enjoy the Cayman beach scene, but this is definitely one of my favorite places to eat with the entire family.

What to expect

Sand, sea and sun – beachside restaurant. Bench-style eating, outdoors with sand under your feet. Open-air bar and dining area is the only “interior” eating setup. Vibrant colors and friendly staff. Menu items are burgers, hot dogs, bbq or buffalo wings, fries, onion rings etc; salad and wrap options are available.

Things to know and bring

As mentioned, this is a restaurant located directly on a wide-sand beach, surrounded by the beautiful, blue waters of the Cayman Islands. It is a 42 minute drive from George Town, Grand Cayman and about a one hour drive from the hotels and resorts on Seven Mile Beach (such as the Marriott, Westin, Ritz Carlton). If you will be taking the relaxing, scenic drive to that end to experience this Cayman restaurant remember to take along towels, sun screen, sunglasses, hats and your other favorite beach-goer items. You can also rent snorkel equipment, kayaks, wave-runners and water trikes for added fun! There is also a more formal-ish restaurant onsite which is the usual indoor kind if you want to stay dry and avoid sand. You can check-out the menu here



Why we like it

The kids really love this one simply because it has a water-slide on the second floor and swimming pool. It is very spacious and airy, it offers both indoor and outdoor-ish environment and of course the pool is a plus for entertaining the kids while waiting for orders. The overall atmosphere is very family-friendly with bright colors and vibrant music.

What to expect

Casual dining experience with the burgers and fries menu. You can also get pizzas and several exclusive menu items. Salads, wraps and other healthy options are also available. Margaritaville restaurant is located in the middle of George Town, Grand Cayman feet away from the cruise ship docking terminal and smack in the middle of the duty-free shopping scene. The restaurant is on the second floor of a shopping plaza and also has a Margaritaville gift shop on site. This restaurant is extremely busy on weekdays when the cruise ships are in port so choose your visit according to home much distraction you are okay with having.

Things to know and bring

If you or the kids will be swimming the bringing your towels and a change of clothes is certainly a great idea (in fact, even if you do not plan to use the pool, you should bring these along, the kids have a way of convincing you to allow them in). Other than that this is a typically casual dine-out experience. Menu here



Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

Why we like it

Legendz is on our family’s list of casual kid-friendly restaurants because the kids love the food and love the atmosphere, the staff are also awesome with my very large family and they offer coloring pencils and pages on most visits for the younger children. It offers large, seating areas that allow us to snuggle together as a family versus being spread out around a table sitting individually in the “fancier” restaurants. And despite this restaurant being on our casual dining list, it is still one of those places you dress-up a bit more to go to; so when I feel like making it a date with the kiddies this is our choice and it never gets old.

What to expect

This Cayman restaurant is an indoor-dining experience unlike our other two faves. It is much less casual than Rum Point and Margaritaville, but still a good choice for dining with kids. It offers a kids menu too. Options here also include burgers and fries, but you can also get sushi roles, pastas, pizzas, fajitas, tacos, steak – the menu really offers something for everyone and salads are also available (of course!)

Things to know and bring

Legendz is located directly across the road from the Westin Resort and in the same location as Peach Waves self-serve yogurt parlor. You do not have to bring anything with you in particular, just a heart appetite. Menu here

These are my families picks for kid-friendly, casual dining experiences in the Cayman Islands , let us know in the comments if you have tried any of these, what were your experiences and what your top picks would be so that we can try those too! If you are planning a trip to the Cayman Islands I hope you get to try at least one and tell us what you think.

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