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Not all of us mommies are at home all day potty-training, making snacks and watching hundreds of youtube videos of other children playing with toys; there are those corporate mommas out there working long hours and fighting traffic everyday to get home as fast as possible in an attempt to spend some quality time with the kiddies before bedtime and before every ounce of energy has been drained from our body.
Keeping up with a full-time job while being a mommy can be a tough one; the day-job can whip every ounce of energy out of you sometimes and send you home with barely enough energy left to see yourself through until the kids’ bedtime – but somehow, every-day, for years, we women can muster up the strength to do all we have to do for our families, even if it means neglecting ourselves.
I know how this is, I have been there and done that with six children, no nanny, full-time job and small home business. With the younger children in preschool, two in elementary and two in high school, coming home to cook and clean each evening at 6pm; after hours in a legal field job – and I did it pregnant at one point too. Ligaments and back aching – hubby and I worked hard together as a team to get everything done, to get all the kids bathed and fed, homework completed and still meet an 8:30pm bedtime – some nights were a nightmare.
By the time we had our 5th daughter going for a jog, the gym or routine exercise was impossible; we won’t even attempt to fit this in now that we have recently had our 7th daughter. When I had to start my morning at 5am to get out of the house by 6:30am to avoid the traffic that would make us both late for work. I know that being a mommy in the corporate world can be tough and it is very hard to take the time out we need to maintain our body sometimes.
Not being able to stick to an exercise routine because of my fast-paced mommy life made me decide that exercise would simply have to be done whenever and wherever I could do it. Even if it would simply be some squats here or leg lifts there – I knew it was better to get some form of exercise in than to tell myself it was entirely impossible and skip it altogether.
This is when I decided that even during my office job I could work on firming and strengthening my body to achieve the energy and figure that makes me feel most confident. Every woman, especially us mommies, deserves to feel our best and look our best – we have little mini people observing our approach on life everyday and we could certainly use the added strength and energy that exercise can give – the added confidence is a major bonus too!
“…you can put to use these 4 useful tips for making an otherwise unhealthy seated situation a time for health and fitness.”
Wanting to get fit and look my best for myself, my husband and my daughters made me take control of my day and squeeze every potential exercise moment out of my crammed schedule through performing random exercises at random times, even at the office. After having my babies I have always wanted to ensure I tightened back up my tummy, butt, legs, and of course, tighten the vagina (or “vajayjay”).
So even while at work behind a desk for 8, 9, 10 hours a day or more; I did not want that to stop me from reaching my goal, so I found ways to work on me while working.
Here are some of the ways I would work-out at my desk everyday:
1. Sitting on an exercise ball at your desk.
Replacing your office chair with an exercise ball for a few minutes or hours each day can firm your butt, thighs and calves (once you have the space and ask your manager first!);
2. Holding in your tummy and maintaining a straight back
Do this while sitting at your desk (feel free to do this while standing at the copier, walking from office to office and in those boring board meetings too!). Holding in your stomach uses those abdominal muscles we all want to keep firm – hold them in as long as you can, all day is even better haha;
3. You can do leg lifts while sitting at your desk as well.
Simply lift your feet a few inches from the floor and hold the position as long as you can as often as you feel like doing it throughout the day. Do at least 10 sets each time. This can firm and strengthen your thighs and bum as well because they both must work to keep your legs lifted versus feet resting on the floor.
4. Do your kegals.
You would be surprised how many women still do not understand the importance of kegals to tighten and maintain your vagina. Kegals are awesome and believe me they work wonders for the vajayjay; you just have to stick with them! The great thing is you can do them absolutely anywhere at anytime so being at work is perfect. I am doing mine while typing this (TMI!). 
So, the next time you are sitting at your desk at work, whether you are bored out of your mind after getting through a mountainous backlog of client work or still breathlessly diving through paperwork – you can put to use these 4 easy at-work exercises and make an otherwise unhealthy seated situation a time for health and fitness.
Do you exercise at work somehow? Will you be trying any of these tips? Let me know in the comments how you are doing with your health and fitness after having your children.


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