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First of all, IS a “random jogger”? And does jogging “randomly” even make sense; is it effective? What’s the point?

Well, for me the point is that my life is far too fast-paced to have a consistent fitness routine as much as I would love to – so I usually find myself exercising every chance I get in some way – if I find the opportunity to jog, I will just randomly take it.

I love taking advantage of all the benefits of jogging daily, but I have to admit that my “daily” jogging routine does not happen daily; I skip a day, or two – and even skipped an entire two weeks after going strong for a good 6 days straight! The reality of it is, despite my most sincere efforts, balancing my family of seven children and a husband that deserves my undivided attention at least once in a while means that some days I will have to sacrifice doing what is best for me to do what is best for them. One of these sacrifices is very often my “not-so-daily” daily jog.

The reality of it all is that there will be some mornings that my exclusively breastfed baby insists that I sit my morning jog out; and then that evening the older daughter may have a school function I have to attend with her. Or, I just sleep in past the 5am slot and wake up at 6am in time to get the kids prep-for-school routine going and do breakfast and all that stuff, or I get up at the usual 4am hour and decide that I work through the 5am slot instead of going for my beloved daily jog.

My daily jog is one of the most important activities of my day, it makes me feel so accomplished and energetic, when I arrive home after one of these calming, mind-clearing jogs I feel refreshed and ready to get back on the fast-paced motherhood highway; there are few things that can justify me missing out on doing so much good for my own body.


But, because my mothering priorities will very often decide when I do exactly what; whatever that “what” may be will very often happen at the very same hour I intended to work-out. It also means I would have to arrange childcare on days that John is tied up with work in the evenings or when he needs (and deserves) extra sleep in the mornings; either way something usually crushes my scheduled daily jog. This was when I decided I would simply jog whenever I could, where-ever I am at – if possible, even without my jogging shoes or jogging wear; many days I will just stop at a long quiet road and jog barefooted.

Accepting the fact that I could not commit to a particular time to exercise or jog, I found random ways throughout my day to stretch and strengthen my body while doing what I have to do, whether it be working at my desk, washing the dishes, rocking the baby to sleep, reading stories, doing laundry, combing my hair, putting on my make-up or mopping the floor – random exercising has been the key to my success of reducing weight after pregnancy, keeping it off and getting stronger and fitter as the weeks pass after each baby.

As mothers we know and admit that it is very important to take care of ourselves and maintain a good energy level; when I am tired it makes me moody and even snappy sometimes, it inhibits me from approaching my maternal and wife duties with the keen awareness and functioning required to properly run a household of our size.

I am asked on a daily basis what my secret is to maintaining my figure, my sanity and appearance after having 7 children. Well my jog would probably make it on my “secret” list of self-maintenance activities, whether I get to go consistently for a month or I have an entire 6 month gap since the last jog due to pregnancy.

There are so many reasons to become a random jogger (at least), so many reasons to take a baby step to improving your health, energy levels, strength, body and life. Taking in the outside air, enjoying the scene or just using the alone time to appreciate your family and little things in life. Yes, alone time.

Most days I like to jog alone, every now and then the children will tag along or lover-boy John will slip on a pair and come out (very rarely though haha). But, I certainly do not mind jogging alone although I love jogging with the family as well. I like to use my quick jogs to give thanks for all the wonderful things I have in life – my children and my family. Everything else is a bonus and I remind myself of the things that make me happy about my life and present existence.


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