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If you have ever entered a pageant you would have been coached on interview etiquette and taught how important the interview aspect of a beauty pageant is to your overall score. The interview is your only moment to speak directly with the judges and to give them an opportunity to get to know you a little more than just seeing you cross the stage.

The pageant interview gives you 3 to 5 precious minutes to wow the judges and have them looking out for your next performance – you want to be memorable in a sea of other beautiful and talented girls – the pageant interview is your chance to do this.

Preparing for the pageant interview can take the most time, effort and strategy; it is also not necessarily the most fun part of pageantry, but it is an essential part. There is usually no wrong way to answer a pageant question, the judges are really wanting to get to know you and to learn your thoughts on particular topics; they also want to see how well you speak, your confidence and mannerisms – they use the interview as a way to determine if you are the type of young lady they would like representing the pageant they are judging for.

There are a number of things you should do when preparing for a pageant interview, from mock questions, practicing your entrance and introduction, how to sit, stand, answer and interact with the judges – there is a lot to remember. Before heading in to the interview room I like to remind my pageant contestant daughters to:

1. Smile and KEEP smiling;

2. Look at each judge while answering their questions;

3. Take a few seconds to think about the question (3-5 seconds is reasonable, if needed);

4. Do not be afraid to ask for the question to be repeated;

5. Your answer is your opinion, just speak it loudly, clearly and with confidence;

6. Sit up straight and poised, legs neatly folded and hands placed on lap, head held high;

7. Remain confidently, speak loudly and clearly.

The pageant interview is one of the vital areas of the competition to focus your training and practices; it is important to remember all of these things when being interviewed. Establishing a pageant interview practice routine a few months before the pageant will ensure a contestant is ready to interact with the judges confidently and answer their questions naturally.

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