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Is there any mom who does not like the beautiful, fresh, absolutely precious appearance of their little girl’s hair seconds after it has been brushed and styled? Nope, I do not think there is. But, we all know a fresh hairstyle does not last very long on a very active little toddler girl with very thick, curly hair. This is one of the reasons I like to go with braids; preferably larger braids for school days because it is quick to do and stays neat all through the school day.

Take a moment to check out my quick video of one of my favorite, easy hairstyles for my little princess’ hair during the school week.

What you need to do this style:

  1. Brush;
  2. Rat-tail comb;
  3. Spritz bottle of water or fave detangler, I used Cantu Shea Butter for Natural Hair;
  4. Rubber-bands or ponytail clip;
  5. Fave edge control or hair gel;
  6. One adorable little girl!

Lets do this!

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