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I really do not know what to tell you here actually, but here goes – I am a mommy of 7 (daughters) which most people think is absolute madness and always ask “how do you do it”? I get tempted to give them intimate details of me and my current (common-law) husband’s sex life – but I hold off and just say “lots of prayer and sacrifices”.

Essentially that is the truth; after all, being a mommy of one is a tedious enough, self-sacrificial journey that requires a woman to morph from one acquired skill to the next more often than any professional job or university course could have ever prepared you for. I could never claim to have been prepared for what motherhood would bring to my life; I didn’t expect my first relationship to go bust after years together leaving me as a single mother of four; and I didn’t expect that experience to lead me to find a caring and wonderful husband that is not abusive and to have three more beautiful daughters together – I was also not prepared for the pain those pregnancies would bring me with gall stones and severe round ligament pain during pregnancy; but no one ever said life would be easy either.

Overall, motherhood saved my life in a sense because it gave me the strength and determination I needed to overcome some very bad, self-destructive life situations like a seriously abusive previous marriage that led me down a very bad path at one point many years ago. It was definitely no easy task to transition from childhood to the responsibility of having another human to care for when I became a teen mother at 17 years old. Throughout everything I have learnt so much and my goal to give my girls every opportunity they require in order to be successful is what has driven me to better myself and become self-sufficient in every aspect of my life.

I hope that what I share will be useful to other mommies – and I sure do find the tips and advice from other moms to be a treasure chest that gives me the extra lift I need on a bad day which is why I joined the blogging community in the first place. It has given me an outlet to speak and connect with other women all around the world who can probably benefit from hearing about my experiences while I also benefit from hearing about their own. I have always found it motivating to hear about other busy moms who still manage to take time for themselves to exercise or steal a moment for a nice jog despite the round-the-clock demands of parenting.

As a past pageant queen (more on that later) and a mother to all daughtes I tend to pressure myself to stay fit, healthy and look my best although the stereotype of a mom-of-many seems to be that I am expected to let myself go, never wash my hair, abandon makeup completely and lose myself in the beautiful experience of parenting while indulging in a heavy dose of self-neglect… not going to happen. I love fashion, style, fitness, pageants and keeping the bedroom ever-spicy for my amazing husband.

I have had many bad days in my life and even more days that I doubted myself and felt like a complete failure at everything I tried to do; overcoming the feeling of failure was one of my biggest challenges and I am still learning to let go by looking for ways to find my smile everyday and practicing patience with myself and others around me.

Motherhood is a miracle of life in every sense and it is certainly worth sharing, caring and encouraging one another to push on through it all because when our beautiful babies are grown and moving out to find their own lives and families we will all be in our little rocking chair on the front porch looking at the quiet yard and remembering those care-free giggles and crazy screams that we never thought would transform so quickly in to the adult voices that call us from university or wherever the future takes our little ones.

All the best during this amazing (yet exhausting) chapter of your life and may your coffee cup be ever full 🙂

Peace and love,


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