Hope & Happiness, Relationships & Intimacy


Marriage is a partnership.

The family is the business, the children are the assets and the living expenses are the operational costs.

In order for the business to be successful and the assets to grow strong, the partners must be 100% dedicated to each other and the business’ goals.

Outside distractions (like entertaining skanks for example) can drain the partnership and jeopardize the business causing the assets to lose value due to additional strain on the operation.

Our ppl have to change our out-dated, slave thinking in order to get things on track.

Slaves were encouraged to have multiple partners because it increased their masters’ “stock” when the slave women became pregnant, increasing their overall wealth and slave count.

Our Caribbean men love to waltz around thinking they are gods because they have women all over, when in reality they are imitating the behavior of illiterate slaves (and that is just the truth).

You are not a “player”… you are an inferior being, desperate for attention, suffering with low self esteem which can only be found when resting beside a woman of lesser value than the one you are with because the strength of your real love makes you look weak, her passion makes you look soft and her success intimidates you… so sad it is always the assets that suffer in these partnerships and the business always goes bust.


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