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Learning the alphabet and how to count is a fundamental step for every toddler – these two basic learning tools set the foundation for a bright future of life-long learning.

It is often recommended to introduce your child to letters and numbers from as early as 6 months, however, this should be limited to songs, music and dancing the “numbers song” or “ABC song”.

Also, by keeping books within easy reach and leaving posters of letters and numbers within your home in ideal spots for your toddler to see them throughout the day so that they become familiar with letter forms. This can also be done to teach shapes and colors.

One of my favourite ways to get my toddlers familiar with letters, numbers, shapes and colors is to always include some of these in day to day conversations. As mommies, we are always in contact with our children; so we can easily fit color learning in throughout the day with conversations like:

“Let’s put on your blue shirt and white pants” or

“Your toothbrush is orange”

Very soon your child will notice that the word “orange” is always said when they are viewing an item of that color; the same way a child learns to associate a word with what it is, such as a “banana” is a “banana”. We can teach colors easily with fruits – “would you like a delicious red, strawberry?”

Another way I love interacting and is through combined learning of these foundation skills with my home-made learning placemats; you can see the learning in action here and I am talking all about how much I love them and why in the video below!

If you would like to order one of these awesome learning tools, personalized for your child’s learning journey; please contact me for details!


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