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I think it is safe to say I owe my crafty side to my mom, she has always been a creative, handy and artistic person. From fixing a leak to patching a zinc roof or drawing bright, beautiful flowers – I remember my mom being a jack of all trades and master as well.

From these fond childhood memories I draw my inspiration to escape in to the world of creativity and leave behind the usual cares of the day – it is during these times that I am able to enjoy the happy smiles of my kids when we can come together surrounded by glue and glitter and just let the fun take form.

This little “experiment” took place over the weekend when I wanted a nice way to package and store our learning placemats 😁🤗😘

I grabbed a few items and started snipping and pasting to make these fun, colorful envelopes that are great for storing coloring pages, drawings, ribbons, certificates, notes from school, your kids concert programs – you know – all those papers and small memorable items that we receive all year round from our kiddies.

To make these I used:

  1. 22 x 28 inch poster paper,
  2. Glue stick,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Box cutter,
  5. Protractor,
  6. 12″ ruler,
  7. Cutting board,
  8. Pencil or pen,
  9. You can add glitter, labels, googly eyes – anything!

It takes about 10 minutes for each.

  1. Measure 6″ from the top of the poster paper (using the long side) – and then 10″ from the opposite end. Use the ruler and protractor to help fold the poster paper along a straight line from each of these sides.
  2. Once both sides have been folded, open the poster paper and use the box cutter and ruler to make 2″ slits at each of the creases to make 3 flaps on each side,
  3. Fold the centre flaps in and then trim each of the 4 outter flaps off.
  4. Use the protractor and box cutter, round all of the corners (you can also do the corners of the middle flap).
  5. Grab your glue stick and apply some to the larger end, paste the large end to the middle flaps, smooth it down and you are finished!

You can make as many of these as you like to help keep all those little sheets of paper neatly stored so that when your little ones are all grown they can look back at all the stick people they once drew lol!

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