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So many mothers have lived that heartbreaking feeling of seeing your child hungry and having nothing and no way to feed them – even if only for one night, this feeling can tear a mother to pieces and lower her self-worth as the carer of her children.

NEVER let your inability to protect your child from the harsh reality of life make you become numb to the REAL value your maternal presence is actually created for and to pass on to your child!

They are your “child” for only 18 yrs! They are adults for up to 80 yrs – you do not have many years to teach your little one EVERYTHING they will need to know to survive the harshness of the world – so do not waste a moment in self-pity – use EVERY experience to teach – as a mother was made to do!

Even if you cannot fill your child’s belly – you MUST:

  1. fill their mind with education ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐ŸŽ“,
  2. their spirit with humility; and
  3. their heart ๐Ÿ’— with faith.

Through these three values your child will never truly go hungry. When you have focused your time and energy in to ensuring your child gets the best education they can receive in whatever educational facility or setting they are in you will provide your child the key to their future success in career or business – these days it is vital that our children can compete in an ever more demanding job market. It is equally important that they are equipped with the versility and knowledge needed should they decide to venture out to be an entreprenuer.

Encouraging your child to remain humble and caring no matter what will not only help the community and others around them once they have grown to be matured, successful adults – humility also emotionally supports the person who is able to give it because other people’s thoughts and attitudes do not negatively affect a humble person they way they can affect a person with less humility. Humble people understand why others act or react the way they do and they also understand that other people’s actions and/or reactions to a situation are processed and conjured by their own mental or emotional state versus taking every person’s actions or reactions as a personal threat or attack.

Our children must be taught to have faith in self and faith that all things work to the betterment of a faithful person.

As mothers, we must refocus our attention to instilling morals in to our children and stop substituting learning and teaching opportunities with our kids for “TV time” and internet use… when we take up the mantle of motherhood, we lay down our life for another – there is really no compromise.

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