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Being a fluent and confident reader is one of the greatest skills we can provide to our children.

At one point in human history learning to read was a priviledge that only royalty and nobility had access to.

As parents we must seize every opportunity to provide our child with the tools to become fantastic readers so that they are able to search out and understand written text and information.

The responsibility of ensuring a completely literate household rests on the shoulders of every able reader within our home. The 4 yr old teaches the 2 yr old letters, the 6 yr old teaches the 4 year old beginner words and cements her knowledge of phonics, the elder 4 girls support the younger by teaching the spelling of family names and basic grammar & writing – and as the mother of this clan I am tasked with instilling the valauble lesson of how they can each impart their knowledge to eachother in a way that will encourage and motivate them to learn and relate while overseeing and providing the equipment, support, tools and environment needed for effective home learning.

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