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My life is busy… like no time for a quiet shit on the toilet type busy. It is easy for a mom of one to get absorbed in her maternal duties and lose self so as a mommy of seven I try not to beat myself up too much if I am having a sweat pants day… actually I do not wear sweat pants, but there are those days when I just can’t bother to get all put together.

As mommies we learn how to steal a few minutes here and there by doing multiple tasks at once – like I will have my pasta on boil while mopping a few rooms in the house and manage to squeeze in doing one daughter’s hair, review homework and spread a bed during this half hour of domestic duty.

Honestly, I do not know how I find the time to take care of myself… really I cannot find the time, I have to make the time. My usual morning starts at 4:30am so that I can prepare my house for the children, squeeze in a 10 minute workout and have at least 45 mins to get ready for work before waking the girlies at 6am. After 6am I am completely in mommy-mode and any opportunity to spend time with self has been lost until the well-anticipated (at least for me), bedtime at 8pm.

Taking all things in to consideration I find it necessary everyday to cut back on a minute here or minute there and one of my most time-consuming individual daily tasks just happened to be – my fricking eyebrows!

Everyone loves neat eyebrows and so do I – but 10, 15, 20 minutes every single flipping day just to achieve them was simply terrorizing my soul! Some days I would get impatient and antsy and boy would that make matters worst when I had to fix my penciled in botch-up caused by rushing and plain ole anxiety… standing in the mirror coloring on a set of brows felt vital and pointless at the same time.

After doing this for years upon years I decided to explore options for putting an end to it; the options I considered were micoblading vs micropigmentation.

Although I love the microblade look, I really didn’t like the idea of someone putting slices in my eyebrow (eeee!)… and although the micropig method imposes its own method of skin trauma thr selling point there for me was how long it lasts.

Microblading lasts anywhere from 6 mths to 12 mths (if you are lucky and with serious care) whereas micropigmentation will give my a good 3 to 5 years of neatly shapen eyebrowns that are always on point everyday, all day from the time I wakeup until sleepy bye-bye time.

Although microblading truly gives a more natural, hair strand by hair strand appearance – 6 mths wear for 500 bucks??? Not today bobo. With micropig the initial investment is less and the lasting results mean I do not have to own another eyebrow pencil for at minimum, 3 years!

Choosing either of these methods will mean that you save valuable time everyday on this ritualistic routine of trying to achieve decent eyebrows so that you can enter a public place without an odd expression on your face.

Here are some of the reasons I chose micropig instead of the microblade:

  1. Less blood-loss: Microblading is literally done with a scalpel like blade where a skilled technician will slice micro sized lines in to your brow and the specific ink will be issued in to these little slits… for some reason this just freaks me out a bit so it was a nono. The nature of this technique means that you will have rather bloody brows during and after the procedure. You will obviously bleed a bit with micropigmentation too but very minimal (really like getting a tattoo).
  2. Long-lasting results – I love getting value for my money and if I am going to fork out the kind of cash required to have either of these procedures done it is going to have to give me value for money and maybe even a little ROI – 6mths minimum for microblade vs 3 years for micropig… yeah, it came down to that.
  3. Cost: micropig is very slightly cheaper than microblade but even if its cost was higher the fact that it lasts 2 whole years longer without the absolute need for touch-ups stills means micropig makes the most economic sense

And based on these 3 details I made my decision to have my first permanent “cosmetic” procedure. Right now I am on my second day post-procedure and really pleased with my brow shape and how it fits my face etc etc… proper care, moisturizing, gentle washing and staying out of the sun are all very important right now to ensure the best results during and after healing.


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