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Like all cosmetic procedures there is going to be a recovery period of pain, discomfort, redness, scabbing, itching, and a brief moment of “wtf did I just do?”. But with micropigmentation eyebrows this entire healing process will be over in a couple weeks and you can move on to a life of perfectly shapen brows forever more #wokeuplikethis . When I made the decision to go with permanent eyebrows I was more focused on my time savings than anythig else and I first considered my options, what I wanted to achieve and then chose the procedure I was most comfortable with.

Before the procedure begins the technician will apply a special numbing cream to the area, but the first prick (or “opening of the skin”) will still be felt, when the needle opens the skin and the numbing cream along with your chosen ink color get in to the skin layers this is actually when the first pain goes away and stays relatively minor for the entire procedure.

Like with any cosmetic procedure you must expect to provide some extra TLC to your fresh brows and adopting a proper post-procedure care routine is vital to the healing process. After this 1.5 to 3 hour procedure you can expect a number of things to happen.

15 Minutes After

  1. Expect the awakening feeling that your brows are set for life! Well sort of, they will be set for at least 3 years and can actually remain for up to 10 years with the micropigmentation procedure.
  2. The numbing cream wears off: you will notice the level of pain/discomfort magnifying about 15 minutes after the procedure for about the next hour. You can take an over the counter pain medication if it really sucks for you but generally the pain is not at all unbearable, it is more of a nagging pain that helps to remind you not to rub, touch or scratch your new brows (glass half-full)
  3. Your brows will look extremely dark – whether you chose blonde, light brown, dark brown etc etc etc… it does not matter, your brows will look dark af! It is fresh ink so this is to be expected and remember these are going to be on your face for several years. There will also be the scabbing and peeling period in a few days.
  4. Redness and swelling: swelling in this area is rare and I did not experience any (or if I did it was unnoticeable) but the redness was definitely there, in fact the entire treatment area will be red until it looks almost orange-brown and this can last for up to 7 days with improvements daily.

First day

  1. The overall pain will have lessened greatly within 8 to 12 hours, but your brow will still feel a little stiff and if you move them you will feel some discomfort, but it is not unbearable.
  2. The redness is obviously still going to be there and you will also notice a bit of bruising around the area as well but very, very minor.

Second Day

  1. The second day will not be much different from the first and you have to remember to keep applying your antibiotic ointment (not like you can forget cause your brows will get very dry, stiff and painful if you don’t apply!).
  2. The discomfort will still be there but nothing at all that will have you in any form of distress – like I said, the discomfort is more of a gentle reminder to leave your beautiful brows alone!

The First Week

  1. Keep applying your ointment and you can VERY gently wash your brows with a fragrance free, sensitive skin wash mainly to remove the previous layer of ointment and apply a fresh layer.
  2. Expect the minor discomfort to continue throughout this first week as well as scabbing.
  3. Do not pick the scabs!!! This can cause you to have dull or bald patches in your brow and that will not look cool!
  4. After this first week you will pretty much be smooth sailing but if burning, swelling, puss, excessive itching or continuous bleeding occur defo go check your doctor as you could be allergic or having a tough time heeling. Vamp up on vitamin C and E.

After the first 2 to 3 weeks and when your scabbing is completely over and the skin of your new brows has heeled completely you should be booking your followup session with your technician (and this should be free of charge). This session will be to make any adjustments or corrections to color or fill in any dull or bald areas.

Yay! Fab brows will now be your way of life and you can expecr to have an extra 15 mins in the morning to relax, sleep in, sip tea or do whatever you had to rush doing to pencil in ans conceal your browsies before!

VIDEO: The Discussion – micropigmentation eyebrows

Good luck with your procedure and let me know how it goes!!


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