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From the day we hold our first baby in our arms our entire life changes; not only do we experience true unconditional love and the most beautiful moments of life itself – our days also get a whole lot busier. Add a few more babies to the family and our mommy schedule begins to exclude the maintenance of our own mind and body as we cater to the minds and bodies we brought life to.

Mommy self-neglect is real; and we all know this.

Whether it is skipping meals, skipping exercise or holding the urge to use the bathroom until we don’t even need to use it anymore so that we can attend to our family. Everyday is a juggling act – work, school, projects, laundry, homework, daddy, cooking, sewing – whatever activities fill our daily schedule we know at least 95% of them are directly related in some way to having children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with us mommies being super devoted and willing to lay our life on the line for our children, that is pretty much what we are supposed to do – but we should always remember that if we do not take some time to take care of our own mind and bodies then what exactly would our family do without us if we totally deteriorate ourselves because of self-neglect?

As a mommy of 7 it can sometimes be impossible for me to find time to “exercise”; let alone join the gym. I have not had a gym membership since my third daughter, and I birthed my 7th daughter April 2018, ten years since the third. I have been accustomed to being told “you don’t look like you even have one”; and even now, just weeks since my last baby I am just a few pounds away from my ideal weight. I am constantly asked, “what’s your secret?”, “how do you do it?” or told “you always bounce right back after pregnancy”.

I have now realized that I have never “bounced” right back, getting my weight down and figure back after each pregnancy actually took work but I did it at times when I would not even realize that I was indeed working on my postpartum body – I did random exercises at very random times all day long from the week I had my babies. I, of course, also did the best I could to eat healthy and avoid sweet or oily foods, grabbing some strawberries or other fruit to curve any sweet cravings I may get (I am absolutely addicted to #chocolate so believe me this is not easy – but nothing good ever is!)

Being that mommy who knows that every morning at 6am I will do 30 minutes of cardio and yoga has never worked for me; something will always come up to throw me off. BUT, if I do have 30 mins to spare and a moment to do some cardio, even once for the month I am all for it – that random moment of having the time is great and I make sure to use it!


“…learn how you can make sure that everyday you’re working closer to achieving the shape & body that you feel best in without putting additional strain on your already crammed day…”
Realistically many of us moms do not know the first exercise to do to benefit our body let alone all the fancy terms like “lunges” (I must admit my 13 year old daughter showed me what these were and how to do then properly), and these are truly a fantastic way to tighten the booty – but for me to schedule in that I will do 10 of these at precisely 7pm would simply not work out; I have to drop a lunge whenever I have the time – even if it is between stirring a pot of soup.
And that is how you squeeze in random exercise; by stealing every single spare moment you can find and simply using it to better yourself and strengthen your body. There are some key random moments I keep an eye out for and perform a specific exercise at that time; read on to learn how you can make sure that everyday you are working closer to achieving the shape and body that you feel best in without putting additional strain on an already crammed day of life – anywhere and everywhere can become your gym, even at your office desk!

These random exercises address the various body goals each and every woman has when she aims to look and feel her best – firming, strengthening, flexibility, etc. Exercise boosts your energy levels and your confidence so getting proper exercise is certainly key to your overall well-being.


Ah yes, the perfect booty, what would we all give for one of those. Let’s just start with the one we have and firm it up for now. I cannot guarantee you that after a few weeks of doing this you will have a bum like Kim #Kardashian, but you will certainly have a noticeably firmer and tightened buttocks. This is too simple, honestly – squats. Duh!
But not just any old squats, these are “random” squats. What I love about squats is that you do not have to get on the floor to do them and you do not need special equipment either. Heading to the potty to take a pee? Well right after you get it all out and wash those hands, don’t unlock the door yet! Stop, drop 10 squats and exit proudly knowing that you are 10 squats closer to a firmer bum. Let’s be real, we each go to the bathroom at least 6 times in 24 hours and that is a super low guesstimation – I am guessing I go about 20 times a day because I drink water like a camel (oh yes, drink plenty of water everyday too please.) So if you drop your 10 squats every time you use the bathroom (and this will take you less than 1 minute each time so think about that) that means you are up to 60 or 200 squats per day with barely any effort! When you get super comfortable with this you can increase the number of squats you do at potty time. And which mommy doesn’t like to escape to the bathroom sometimes?
Not only are random squats great after each potty break; take the opportunity to drop some squats while cooking, brushing your teeth, spreading the bed – like literally, whenever you have one extra minute to spare. Have fun and enjoy that bum.
Full disclosure – I waist-train and I am quite obsessed with it. I did my first waist-training after my sixth daughter and truly felt better about my shape than I ever have because I slimmed my waist without losing hips and tushy. Waist-training is using a corset/waist-trainer to hold and shape your waist throughout the day. This is a method women (like queens) used for centuries and it has become popular again today. You can read more about how to effectively waist-train in my soon to be published blog post, subscribe to be notified hot momma.
Moving on… in addition to wearing a corset waist-trainer hours each day I also do these super-simple, easy to incorporate in to your day exercises:
a. Holding in the tummy – it is so easy to forget that you are trying to hold the stomach in during your everyday activities, but do not give up! This is the easiest way to work those muscles all day long and it can be done at anytime, anywhere! Do it as often, for as long as you can each day.
b. Sit-ups in bed before getting up – even if you only do 5 every morning, lie there and do some quick sit-ups right in your bed.
c. Belly-dancing – this is one of the more difficult tummy-tightening (and flexibility-adding) exercises to accomplish randomly but it is great for the abdomen and even the vagina. Doing snake-like motions with your waist and hips in varying directions for a few minutes each day when you have the chance can do wonders for your body in many ways and I have found that it also does wonders for performance in bed. Throughout history emperors, Caesars, kings and pharaohs were obsessed by belly-dancing women, and many people today think it was due to the sexy-nature of the dance alone, but belly-dancing women were excellent at lovemaking because the dance adds flexibility to the waist and hips, increases confidence and does a lil sumthin’, sumthin’ extra to the vagina.
You do not have to be a skilled belly-dancer to do this as an exercise, I squeeze in my hip shimmies and snake-waists while brushing my teeth or standing in the shower. Get added to my mailing list to receive a notification of when my detailed belly-dance exercise videos are uploaded.
It is more than easy to squeeze in some great stretches each day without any special arrangement of your daily schedule. You can even get a good stretch while mopping by reaching a far distance with the mop, holding in your stomach and dragging the mop back to you, repeat, etc. Before you know it the floor is clean and you are feeling quite proud of yourself. Take 60 seconds before each shower to reach your arms in to the air a few times as well and before bedtime take a moment to bend towards your toes 5 to 10 times. Use random moments in the kitchen and even sitting in the couch to stretch your body. While sitting in the couch or chair stretch your legs forward and lean over towards your knees – there are numerous opportunities through the day to get a good stretch. Just take advantage of those random moments and transform your typically daily chore in to a moment of health and fitness.

Adding these easy, non-disruptive exercises to your day will make you feel great; without the random moment of exercise in my days I know I would never have been able to get back to my ideal weight after each baby as my schedule got more and more difficult to adjust for “me-time”. Now, even if I cannot join a gym or get out on my not-so-daily daily jog, I still have a way to get hours of exercises in at random moments. It is still important to squeeze in at least 15 minutes straight of a good workout somehow; but if that cannot be done these random exercises will ensure that you are able to add fitness to your day anyway, anyhow, anywhere.
And, if you are not at home cooking and cleaning all day because you are out there in the world as a corporate momma; there are many ways for your to get some fitness at your desk too. So if you have to skip the gym today, do these random exercises at your desk throughout the work-day.


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