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When I made the decision to go with permanent eyebrows I had already looked in to the options a bit the year before and thought about exactly why I wanted to go with permanent brows – I wanted to save time, period.

But, as much as I wanted to save time I also did not want to give up on having neat, bright, beautiful brows on my face everyday…so I knew micoblading or micropigmentation were my options. I considered both of these options and researched the pros and cons of each – essentially I wanted lasting results that are worth the investment it takes for either of these procedures. My final decision was to go with the micropigment for several reasons.

After deciding on the technique I would go for I found an experienced technician and booked my appointment, went in, took a good look at her portfolio; asked a million questions and got myself comfortable with my decision; and today, 3 days later – I couldn’t be more happy about micropigmenting my eyebrows.

VIDEO: Arriving at my micropig appointment

Of course, with any new cosmetic procedure there is a level of care that must be put in to ensure optimal results during and after complete healing and micropig eyebrows are no different. Essentially your brow area took quite a beating as the micro needles pierced through 3 layers of skin and plugged the holes with ink… etc.

So when you walk out of that treatment room with your fresh, even, perfectly shapen brows (which will still be super dark, glossy, a little bloody (not much) and very sensitive) you have to keep in mind your brows will require lots of TLC over the next 4 weeks as the healing process takes place and you experience the various stages of recovery.

Taking care of your new eyebrows is really not that difficult but takes patience, love and care. Here are some quick tips to ensure you get the best from your brows:

  1. You will not (and should not) apply bandages, alcohol or any harsh soaps, ever!
  2. You may VERY gently wash your browsies with luke warm water and a super mild, fragrance free fave wash (or baby body wash).
  3. Pat your brows dry with extreme care and a fresh towel every time. Never, ever rub!
  4. Wash only once a day to avoid excessive drying or irritation – you can also wash once every other day. I do once a day to remove the previous days ointment and get a fresh layer on.
  5. Before going to your appointment pick up a nice antibiotic ointment like aquaphor or BNT (some technicians will give you little packets but it is best to just grab a whole tube as you will need it often for 2 weeks).
  6. Apply your ointment every 8 hrs (3 times a day) or whenever your brows feel dry or stiff – the oitnment really, really soothes the brows!
  7. DO NOT for the love of beautiful brows pick the scabs!!! Just allow your brows to heel and recover; any little imperfections that you spot can be corrected at your follow-up visit with your technician.

And most of all! Enjoy your new, super convenient, always perfectly shapen eyebrows! Selfies will never be the same again 🙂


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