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Waist training has become a big deal again recently; this convenient but not so comfortable all-day workout strategy has been used for centuries by French queens and wealthy aristocrat women of history to trim and shape their waists. The method never completely went out of style but it has only become a common practice by women in recent decades and waist trainers of all shapes and sizes are very readily available for any lady who wants a tiny waist, more defined hips and flatter stomach.

It was after my 6th daughter that I received my first waist trainer and it was purchased from Nini Coe in George Town, Grand Cayman. I began waist training one week postpartum and chose the longer style waist trainer with the latex exterior and a cotton-lined interior. Waist trainers are designed to provide a more hour glass shape when worn, but the right waist trainer worn appropriately can provide results that are not just visible when the waist trainer is actually on.

Many people confuse “waist-training” with wearing a corset. Wearing a corset is simply using the corset/waist trainer to contour your body temporarily for a particular outfit or outting – waist training on the other hand is when we use the waist trainer/corset as a tool to give us a shape we more so desire.

Effective waist training is a commitment like any other fitness routine and it involves consistently and persistently wearing a waist trainer for up to 12 hours a day. Many women who waist train generally do so for 3 to 5 hours a day; but for faster, more visible results extending this time for 8 to 12 hours is ideal. A good way to do this is to put on your waist trainer in the morning while dressing and try to wear it throughout the day. But, when you are new to waist training it it best to start for a few hours at a time; and it is also best to do it at home for the first few days until you are comfortable with wearing a waist trainer.

When I chose my first waist trainer I opted for the latex exterior because I wanted the added waist trimming effect of sweating in the abdomen throughout the day which helped to cut my after-baby fat faster specifically in the abdominal area. When I first wore the waist trainer it was very uncomfortable and I needed my husband’s help to fasten all the clasps. Waist trainers typically close using clasps like the ones on our bra going down the length of the corset about 1 inch apart – the more clasps the better form the waist trainer will keep. Some waist trainers also have a zipper; my first waist trainer did not have the zipper but it wore very well under clothes and I find that it showed less under clothing than the one with the zipper that I have now. I chose the waist trainers that rest right under the breast and go straight to the abdomen – some waist trainers literally only fasten around the actual waist.

Since my first introduction to waist training – actually from the moment I first tried a waist trainer on – I fell in love with this technique for body contour. In fact, I tried the waist trainer on in the store and never took it off, just paid and been addicted ever sense. Waist training has been the most effective way for me to regain my pre-baby size and has actually given me a better body and shape now than I had before my 6th daughter.

Before waist training I hardly had any waist-hip definition at all, we are talking something a little more curvy than a board.

In order to make waist training work for me I had to get used to it. The first 4 weeks are the toughest and you will very often feel like strapping that thing off of you and slouching right down in to the couch with a bowl of cheese balls. Waist trainers force you to stand straight, sit up, keep an arched back, chest high, boobs up and really pull in the waist while making the hips and buttocks look broader and wider respectively – let’s just say the waist trainer has got you covered in all the right places. I usually waist train 6 days a week and take Sundays off (yeah, I actually have a waist train schedule). Having a waist train schedule helps you to keep on track and stay committed because you have a goal to wear your waist trainer on whatever day from when to whenever. Knowing exactly when and for how long you expect yourself to wear the waist trainer will ensure you have clear expectations for your waist training.

I put my waist trainer on in the morning at about 6am and wear it through the day sometimes until 9pm; if you are going to be doing these extended waist training it is good to have at least 2 waist trainers to alternate between washes to care for the fabric and choose a good quality waist trainer that will maintain its form and has strong spines/bones and durable, soft interior.

Waist training is a method that I recommend to women I know all the time because I know what it did for me, my body, my confidence and my postpartum recovery journey.

Once you commit to waist training and give your body the opportunity to get used to wearing one and manage to waist train for at least 3 months straight and stick to a routine you will truly see amazing results; especially if you also do some workouts and jogging while wearing the waist trainer. There are so many reasons why I love and recommend waist training despite some of the not so favorable things I have heard and read about it. I have been waist training for almost 2 years now and I am very pleased with how it helps me to look my best when being so time strapped that I count the minutes of every activity I must do each day – finding five minutes is hard much less finding half hour without disruption to stick to an exercise routine and I do not want to cut in to my family and business time by joining the gym. I have to pull an extra second from anywhere I can find it; I just stole 15 minutes each day by micropigmenting my eyebrows so that I would never have to pencil them again for the next 3 years. Seriously, if I can save a minute I will do my best to do so because time is precious and there are not enough hours in the day sometimes.

A strategy that has really helped me to commit to waist training is to wear it through the day while at work. By pairing the waist training with other simple, convenient, at-my-desk exercises I am able to squeeze in effective workouts throughout the entire day. It is ridiculously difficult for me to commit to an actual exercise routine at a particular time each day for a set period; and it is for this reason that I have adopted a method of random exercising combined with my waist training to help me get fit and stay fit after each of the births of my 7 daughters. Long and short – waist training works on a long term level and can really provide beautiful results both with and without your waist trainer actually being on your body. Getting started with waist training is quite easy, but you do have to be strong and stick with it because some days you will simply not feel like being pushed around by a waist trainer – “sit straight, shoulders back, chest high, head up, tuck in ya belly” – waist trainers force us to hold the proper posture and look our best – this body contour method has been tried, tested and proven over hundreds of years to be fit for a queen.


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