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YIKES!? So I just watched the video I filmed when at 39 weeks pregnant – I have embarrassingly posted the video below *covers eyes* eeeeekkkk).

Oh dear, I have come so far. It takes some serious skill to keep yourself together for an entire 9 months of pregnancy while tugging around a weight inside your body – not to mention the back pains, swollen ankles, water retention, round ligament pain and an overall appearance that can really make you question – can I possible recover from this train-wreck?

Kudos to the women that manage to remain “sexy” for an entire 9 months of pregnancy and beyond, your girl here manages to make it to the 6th month and it is all downhill from there! For the first 5 months of pregnancy I am generally feeling all cute with my little belly and baby doll tops and tights, hair did, makeup still in tack and then BOOM – out of no where one night the ligaments will cease right up and I can hardly get out of bed – and let us not start on the fact that I have a school-bus load of other kiddies who still require my care and attention throughout the pregnancy. How hubby and I managed to survive through my 7th pregnancy, without a nanny, both working full-time and trying to juggle family finances and my round ligament complications is only by the grace of a loving merciful God – amen!

Anyhoo, fast forward now 8 months later after sticking to drinking at least 2 litres of water per day, wearing my waist trainer religiously (I strap that bad girl on from week 1 postpartum but I really recommend that you wait until at least 4 weeks for the uterus to go right down, I am a risk taker lol) – I also keep up with my awkward form of random exercise because I just cannot slot a particular half hour block in to my schedule twice a day, and even as I type right now I am doing a few at-the-desk work-outs to fill in the fitness routine gaps.


Like seriously though, I just found this video in my Google Photos and I really didn’t remember even looking so bad… thank God post-partum recovery is real, it’s possible and anyone can do it once they remain motivated to look their best (believe me, ANYONE can do it, my pregnancy video below is fking proof of that!) Oh wow, I am literally still in shock myself, keep looking in my mirror right now to make sure everything is still in tact haha.

But yeah, pregnancy can take a toll on you, it can really murder your self esteem and make you lose confidence – sometimes it hits us mother so bad that we cannot regain the motivation even after pregnancy to try to put ourselves together again – and THAT is where we go wrong. Trust me, the body and look you had before pregnancy is still available to you with the right attitude and fitness plan – we are realistically too darn busy to join the gym or commit to a specific routine or even to learn the blinking exercise moves needed to have a proper fitness routine so it is best to work with what we have and what we know! That is why I waist-train, ab roll and do random exercises and random jogging whenever, wherever I can.

I love to recommend starting with short jogs to all mommies who recently gave birth – not only is it a great way to get out of the house and enjoy some scenery and quiet moments, it is easy and requires no additional equipment or special clothing – I jog barefoot even and prefer to do it that way.

So yeah, let’s take a look at that embarrassing video and hopefully you will agree that is I can do it, anyone can do it! Just stick to it, set a goal, email me with your thoughts and concerns and I will be happy to journey with you along the way and keep sharing my tips, tricks and techniques to kick those baby blues and get right on track to looking your very best again!


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