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The thirties did not do my skin any favors at all; combine the usual thirties skin drama with seven pregnancies in 12 years and I had a recipe for skin disaster.

Maybe I am a bit dramatic – but the enlarged pores, pimply forehead and greasy skin of my 30s had me not far from depressed. It took hard work to make my then drug store makeup sit well on my skin and not make me look cakey or just unflattering to say the least. Whilst I could cover it well with a drug store foundation – after almost 2 years of switching constantly between the popular ones – my skin just kept looking more and more sad. My pores were getting larger and the drug store foundation was clogging them and making the situation even worst.

In the evenings I would make sure to wash it off and cleanse well, applying a salycilic acid acne gel and doing my best to stay clear – but by the next evening after wearing my drug store foundation for almost 12 hrs, my forehead would break right back out all over again and by lunch time my pores were prominently highlighted by the foundation (whether it was maybelline, cover girl, loreal – they all sucked for me). I will leave the drug store makeup to ladies in their 20s (although I recommend getting skin friendly makeup as soon as you start using any!) – but for us women in our 30s we really cannot take the chance on anything less than the healthiest makeup we can find.

For a while I could not switch to BareMinerals because it was not available in the Cayman Islands where I live and the company does not ship here – but recently our Duty Free wonder-shop Kirk Freeport has started carrying the makeup and skin care line (yay me!).

When I found this out I did my skin and sanity a favor and tried the foundation out first – after using it for only 3 days I could clearly see it was not harming my skin the way whatever-the-name-was of my drugstore foundation used to do. I went back and fixed myself up with:

  1. The Blemish Remedy primer (love!);
  2. Blemish Remedy Powder Foundation (in love!);
  3. BarePro Liquid Foundation (in love!);
  4. Pressed powder blush in “The Aphrodisiac”;
  5. The charcoal powder foundation brush;

And a few other items that have been essential to me reversing the negative affects of not-so-good for my skin makeup and life at dirty thirty and beyond.

Overall I have summed up my new makeup routine in the video below and discussed how BareMinerals has so far proven itself to be my skin care miracle and I am very pleased with the results that I am seeing.

The overall feeling of the makeup on my skin is light but the coverage has been great and certainly longlasting. The concealer is very gentle on my undereye and the primer has been magical with keeping pesky blemishes away. I truly recommend these products to anyone who is not happy with what their current makeup is doing to their skin.

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