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Pageants have been a part of my life since I was a little girl; I remember my mom and I riding our bikes to the VHS video rental store to rent copies of Miss Universe or Miss World whenever the owner had recorded them – to me it was the best moments of my childhood growing up on an island with less than 2,000 people!

I was 16 years old when I finally entered my first pageant; it was Miss Teen Cayman Islands, I won and is was certainly a magical moment for me, however short-lived. I managed to find myself pregnant about 4 months in to my reign and Miss Pregnant Teen Cayman was not exactly what the organizers had in mind.

Anyway, time heals all wounds and 7 years later my amazing first princess stepped on stage for her first pageant as well, along with her then 6 year old sister, my second daughter (the one I managed to get pregnant with 4 months after having my first daughter… yep, I was busy). Both of my little ladies entered their first pageant together competing in different divisions –  both of them won Queen of their divisions and words could never explain how proud a momma I was! (Did I mention I was 7 months pregnant with my 4th daughter on pageant night?) – yep, I was busy.

What I had learnt from these pageant experiences was the importance of being prepared and coached for your interview! It is not simply your answers that judges are judging – but also your posture, attitude, attire and of course, knowledge of topic and confidence!

But, when prepping for a pageant and a pageant interview, the best way to get started (especially if it is a first pageant) is to get familiar with all the possible interview questions, plan answers in your mind and then get comfortable with a panel of strangers asking you questions (sometimes personal). For younger children like my daughters during their first pageant the questions are quite simple, like “what is your favorite color?” – prepare your little girl to answer by saying more than “pink”; practice teaching her to elaborate just a tab bit on her answers by saying “pink, because I like flamingos!” or “pink, because it makes me feel happy”.

Here are 25 of the most popular pageant questions for girls under 12; good luck with your pageant and leave a comment to let me know how you are preparing or how the competition went for you! Is there anything you would have done differently? Will you enter another one with your little girl again? How did you prepare the day of the pageant?

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?
  2. What is your favorite color?
  3. What do like to do for fun?
  4. Who do you look up to?
  5. What is your favorite movie?
  6. Do you have any pets?
  7. Do you have brothers and sisters?
  8. What is your favorite holiday?
  9. What is your favorite subject in school?
  10. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
  11. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose?
  12. Who is your favorite Disney princess?
  13. If you could be any animal, what would it be?
  14. What do you like to do on the weekends?
  15. What is your favorite book?
  16. What is your favorite TV show?
  17. Tell us about your talent.
  18. Why do you think you would make a great winner?
  19. What have you learnt from being in pageants?
  20. What 3 things make you the happiest?
  21. What is your fave sport?
  22. What is your favorite game or toy?
  23. What is your favorite dessert?
  24. Chocolate or vanilla?
  25. If you could meet any person at all, who would it be?

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