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Good day to you! How is everything going? Have you found any creative ways to keep track of the days? Haha - me either! I have been getting some "me time" lately by waking up at 3am each day; the house is so calm and quiet because my 7 wild and wacky daughters are all peacefully in their beds asleep. Never thought I would become such a devoted morning person, but doing this has helped me keep my sanity and my businesses going with all the chaos that abounds! Of course, I can look forward to hearing bedroom doors opening by 7am, that means I have to be ready to tackle a full day of meal preps, learning activities, nap times, nappy changes, teenage girl tantrums and more. When I want to restore some sort of calm I choose a session of reading with my 4 youngest (8, 5, 4 and 2!) As we adjust to our "new normal"; millions of us around the world have had to "relearn" daily life in a sudden change of plans and events that none of us could have ever expected. And to add madness to mayhem we also have to ensure our children don't fall back a grade level academically while at home in our care. Based on the number of emails, messages and phone calls I get on a daily basis from a combined 30+ teachers between my  school-aged children - our children's schools are obviously in high anticipation that we return our children to school on par with our national curriculum and expected grade levels... no pressure there at all, right?.  Honestly, there are some days where I just have to skip the fancy, overwhelming home-school schedule and spend an hour of reading excitedly to my little ones. Simply reading has proven to have its way of keeping my girls focused and academically stable during all this global madness as we await the day they can actually return to school. If you are drowning under housework, home-school, working-from-home, meal prep, boredom and/or just trying to survive within your home's four walls with energetic kids everywhere - take a breather, read a few books, escape from the day's reality and spend some quality time. My girls and I have shared a short list of children's books we would recommend to you for your little ones and many of them are also free to download on kindle! 😉

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Great news! I have just about finished preparing those important legal documents for you that every blog or website should (and in some cases, legally MUST} have published. These documents include various policies, disclosures, disclaimers and important affiliate related legalities that you really should have if you plan to take your blog or eBusiness to a professional, income-earning level. While I tailor all those to ensure the content within is generalized in a manner that will make it easier for you to customize and incorporate each one specifically for your website without too much hoopla, I thought it would be great to check in on how things are going and to share some vital tips that I have learnt while blogging - which for some odd reason I surprisingly cannot find listed anywhere else online! These quick notes have been extreme time-savers for me when I create content for social media, YouTube and my blog - saving time while growing your blog and influence is important because there is ssssoooooo much to do and it can be months or years before you can hire a team to help - unless of course - you stay super organized so that you can raise your traffic quickly and consistently. Please take a moment to read these 7 surprising tips for keeping organized while creating content for your blog and/or YouTube channel.

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I trust that you and your family have been doing well and are finding great ways to keep busy and reduce the stresses we are all prune to worldwide right now! I am definitely praying for the best outcome for our planet like many others are right now.

Despite everything I have been counting my blessings and keeping my mind focused on as much positive things as possible. The girls and I are keeping active in the community by contributing to the many efforts and community initiatives taking place in our country. There have been many wonderful families who have been negatively affected by the economic impact of Covid around here and it is taking everyone's effort to help out. I hope things are not too out-of-whack near you.

At home I have turned to baking quite often and squeezing in exercise of course, though never as often as I would like. After 7 pregnancies I managed to keep things together by using a variety of targeted exercises, though never routinely or even consistently, yet it somehow 'works out' haha.

In addition to enjoying a little sensuality and fitness through belly dancing around my living room; the Ab Roller has been one of my fave exercise tools for repairing and strengthening my abdominal muscles over the past 14+ years. I usually start doing this 8 to 12 weeks after birth and have managed to maintain a comfortable weight, size and tone. Take a stroll over to my blog to hear my experience with ab rolling and a bit about recovering your body after childbirth.

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Hi there!

I sure hope that this week has been progressing well for you. So far, so good on this end - I am keeping very busy at home which is to be expected with a household the size of mine haha. With homeschooling in full swing I do not get much time in the day to work on my blog so I have been up late getting things done and as I watch my stats begin to climb it made me remember when I first got started with this blog and why I chose to build it on

Over the past several days I have had several friends and family ask me about my experience with blogging so far and what are my suggestions for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog or revamping their current one. I really love when people engage me on this topic because blogging has been a great way for me to meet new friends, share my thoughts and hopefully help or entertain anyone who stumbles upon my little piece of the big internet.

Particularly now as we all hunker down at home waiting for this pandemic to ease away, interest in blogging has spiked and I really encourage anyone considering starting a blog to just get started! There is always room for new content and a new voice on the web so do not be discouraged - the internet is the information headquarters of the world because of bloggers like you and me who simply stop making excuses and start posting.

I have been using WordPress for years for my business websites; my husband is a huge fan and builds websites for clients of his ecommerce and tech business using it. I knew I could get his help setting me up on and he did show me how - but managing my own server and all the rest of the techy things the .org WordPress option required was not how I wanted to spend my time - I wanted to spend my time learning how to create great content, editing my videos and getting familiar with what it takes to make a great blog.

That is when I began to explore and found that it is exactly what I needed for my blog for many reasons. Join me for a quick moment to find out why I have been loving my blogging experience and really encourage new bloggers to check it out.

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Wow, this topic just came out of nowhere, didn't it?

Well, you see, I spend some time each week talking with couples openly and honestly about sex (or lack thereof) in marriage and relationships on a number of platforms. Sex has never been a topic I find difficult to talk about and I feel that it is important for couples to communicate effectively and honestly about sex at all times.

With that said - there are two recurring issues that I have frequently heard about from couples over the past 10+ years.

1. spouses/partners who feel there is not enough sex in their bedroom; and

2. wives/partners who lament their husband's/partner's porno watching.

Often neither of the pair can understand the other or why they do what they do or feel the way they feel in relation to sex. Frequently also, one cannot determine why the other refuses sex on most occasions, and on the other hand one of the pair is cautious about their significant other watching triple x videos. And who could blame either of the two?

Today, we are going to touch briefly about spouses/partners who sometimes opt to enjoy a blue movie (porn video); and a quirky way the husband of a friend of mine had his porn watching habits instantly ended (yikes!).

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Hi there!

I hope you and your family are staying safe and also finding interesting ways to pass the time as everyone tucks away at home!

If you are fortunate to be enjoying the toddler years like I am with my 2 year old and 4 year old - this will mean that you are also squeezing in a little pre-k learning during the days now that pre-school is out for a bit. If you are trapped behind the walls with the even-more-demanding-than-a-toddler teen - I am right here with you (I have 2 teens and a preteen, haha).

With all sorts of things happening in my big family I have to ensure that my toddlers are well occupied with meaningful activities each day if I want to catch even 5 minutes without anxiety 🙂 For this reason exploring great learning apps is a must-do for me.

Recently I signed my 2, 4 and 7 year old daughters up for the Reading Eggs online educational program - I have no regrets! If you are checking out activities for your kids, be sure to browse the features of this one.

Readings Eggs has hundreds of things to do and every activity is a learning experience presented in a fun and exciting way; you can hear more about it and get a sneak peak here!

Baby 2 Toddler, Kiddie Crafts & Activities, Mom 2 Moms, Teaching your kids...


I am popping in to your inbox to wish you well and share some of what is happening in my home as we try to keep everyone happy and settled during our country's isolation period.

Do stay safe and stay well!

Take a moment to view this quick video of my 4 year old's cute interview.

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Today I am feeling so grateful for so many wonderful reasons - but my top reasons are life and health and the opportunity to spend today with my seven unique and wonderful daughters. I am happy to be at home with no where to go and to spend time reflecting on how far my life has come from the sadness and darkness it was less than a decade ago. Sex, drugs, alcohol and severe domestic violence threatened to take my life on multiple occasions. I lived confused and depressed - nothing ever went right and one night things got much worst... "My moment of realization came the night I screamed out to God to save my life as my ex-husband stood on my back while I lay face-down in a lily pond he had thrown me in to. I can hardly remember anything except praying for life as my head was under the murky water. Somehow I did lift my head and saw three of my daughters standing in the doorway helpless and crying as he proceeded to hold a post and jump on my back a few times shoving me to the bottom."...

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Talking to teens about sex is never an easy topic for most parents but it is one of the most important discussions we must have. In this short post I chose to share some encouragement for mommas who are preparing to or worrying about the day they have to open up and talk to their daughters about sex.