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If you haven’t heard, let me tell you – juicing is extremely good for your health. And, with all that is taking place in the world right now it is a great time to beef up your healthy meal intake as much as possible. Staying hydrated has always been recommended but now more than ever; and what better way than with some 100% natural vitamin water.

Cucumber Juice offers numerous health benefits and drinking a few glasses a week paired with other delicious natural beverages like chilled Turmeric Tea and Cucumber/watermelon juice.

cucumber and tumeric natural juice recipe

For years I stopped buy sodas and bottled/canned juices at the supermarket and I do not give them to my children – usually, the only beverage you can get at my house is water (or wine, depending on the day). But when my family yearns for something different, I turn to my blender to whip up an easy home-made juice.

Cucumber juice is one of my favorites for several reasons:

  1. Splendidly healthy! It is a hydrating drink that is rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, C, K, magnesium, silicon, and potassium.
  2. it takes 2 to 5 ingredients depending on your preferences;
  3. Less the 10 minutes from prep to readiness;
  4. Very refreshing!

Cucumbers are known to contain antioxidants which rid your body of things it does not want or need – cucumbers provide many essential vitamins and nutrients and are also great for skin and complexion – which is excellent news since we ladies cannot get professional facials at the spas anymore (as if I ever did lol!).

Cucumbers are hydrating if simply munched on, so blending them in to a juice is even more fantastic for your body because it can be digested more quickly and really add some great hydration which is EXTREMELY important right now.

To make about 1 Litre of Cucumber Juice (approximately 4 cups):

You will require:

2 Cucumbers
4 cups water


1 Tbs Cane Sugar or honey
1 Tbs fresh ginger
1 cup fresh watermelon (chopped)

Simply add the ingredients to your blender, blend for about 2 minutes and pour in to cups or a jug – I prefer storing mine in glass containers, my empty wine bottles work perfectly 🙂

I wish you and your family health and happiness, if you have a great juice recipe to share please get in touch or send a link to your post so that we can try it and tell everyone about it! Let’s get the word out about healthy ways to build your body’s strength and immunity.

Sending best wishes,


P.S I am already near half my bottle haha !


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