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Don’t rush out to the store for face masks when you can find alternative methods at home by up-cycling other items!

Here I made myself several masks from my daughter’s no-longer-used Gerber burp cloths. These burp cloths are 100% cotton, tightly woven and already sewn in double and/or triple layers!

What you will require:

  1. Gerber burp cloth;
  2. 2 elastic bands;
  3. scissors (to cut burp cloths in half);
  4. less than 7 minutes

Step 1

Cut the burp cloth down the centre of the longest part.

Step 2

String one elastic band on to each end of the burp cloth.

Step 3

Fold the ends of the burp cloth over the elastic bands to hold them in place and tuck the ends neatly towards the centre once folded.

Step 4

Place up to your nose and mouth, put elastic bands around your ears to hold them and you are all set.



I made these because I still have several of my daughters burp cloths around; she is now 2 years old so far past that stage. However, if you would like to make them and do not have burp cloths I found some on Amazon and the link is below:

Good luck, stay safe and God bless!

P.S. If you are looking for natural, simple ways to boost your immune system right now try juicing! Natural juices are easy to digest and packed with vital nutrients – it takes your body far less time to pass juice through and get nutrients from it that with whole foods and meals. Chilled turmeric tea is one of the best beverages to intake right now because of its flu fighting potency; take a look at this quick guide to making turmeric tea and get more information and resources about how it can prepare your body’s immune defenses.

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