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Moms – make sure you have a relationship with your daughter that fosters openness and honesty. Let it be that she can be confident to talk to you about everything and anything without judgement or retribution – especially your teen daughters when it comes to relationships and sex.

Do not allow your daughter to feel that if she comes to you about sexual activity you will degrade or hate her – they can hide the act only until the belly grows.

Teen girls desperately need a safe space and it is best that space of confidence be advice from their mother. You can use the discussion as an opportunity to build your daughter’s self worth and self respect – raise her above the need for casual intercourse and have her understand her body is a shrine.

As my eldest entered her teens I opened the door for these convos and encouraged her to indeed consider her modesty and virginity as an invaluable treasure which can never be retrieved when given away.

As the virginities around her pop like bubbles – I encourage her to be “different” because it is easy to lose, but can never get back…

Mommies – it is important to share our own experiences, heartbreaks, disappointments and open up about things we have blocked out due to shame, regret and embarrassment in order to save our babies the same.

I introduced this usually tough topic to my eldest girls with a simple convo one day:


I barged in to my daughter’s room excitedly about a gorgeous “Kardashian” level necklace I spotted at the jewelers and declared I really wanted to buy it for her but had changed my mind.

When she asked me why I changed my mind, I told her it was because the necklace would cost a fortune and I feared she would give it to a guy friend if he asked for it.

She jumped up from her bed and said “mooommm, no way! Must be crazy, I would NEVER give that away!”

I said good, because you cost me much more and have far greater value than that necklace so I would really appreciate you not giving yourself away if you are asked.

She got the point. 💕

I recognize that I still (hopefully) have many more years of motherhood to zoom through and so much more parental learning to do as all my girls grow up, this is why I love sharing my experiences here and hearing from everyone who is happy to offer their own experiences, tips and advice!

Have a great Thursday everyone.

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