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So often when we turn to Google and search for the solution to something our search results bring up blog posts, videos, article, notes and links to the answers we need right then which we could not have found if it were not first published by a wonderful woman, somewhere on this planet who woke up one day and thought – “I think somebody out there needs to hear this” – and luckily she did, because somebody definitely needed to hear it!

What would we do if these brilliant women did not share their gems of intelligence with us? I don’t care to think about it! To get all the splendid thoughts and advice of smart, witty online business women around the world in to one handy, easy to reach for location, our teams is creating a captivating eBook ‘ 100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Business’ to share their experiences and voices with an aim to uplift and encourage budding female entrepreneurs worldwid.



This inspirational eBook compiles over 100 hundred true stories, personal mantras, poems, quotes, pieces of advice and valuable tips written by confident, self-made women in online business from around the world.

Its purpose is to encourage and (you guessed it) inspire other women and young ladies who are determined to be successful as they accept the challenging journey towards achieving their business goals.

This book will motivate, offer guidance and build your confidence immensely as its contributors believe that if we collectively cause the empowerment and success of individual women around the world, together we will strengthen our global female community and bring about positive movements worldwide.

‘100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Business’ has been created to touch your heart and mind, and to help you discover basic principles and proven steps that can be used in your own life to enhance the way you think, plan, act and react in order to attain the goals you’ve set, or intend to set to achieve your desired level of success.

These stories are personal and filled with emotion, wit, love, wisdom, experience and [sometimes] drama. The book is bursting with vivid images created by using the five senses.

Expect to feel a rejuvenation of your drive and determination as you read through its wonderful contents; you will want to hit the ground running from the empowering and encouraging writings each of the contributors of this book has provided to boost your confidence, knowledge and awareness as you build your empire and rise successfully within the female business community.



My strength often comes from the advice, encouragement and uplifting words of other strong and brilliant women – whether it be a great book, a quote or those emails I subscribe to receive each day that motivate me to keep hustling and bustling to get where I know I want to be.

I am so grateful to the women who share their stories of encouragement, and even their stories of failures and sadness on their journey to success; these reassure us that no matter what, if we keep going, we will get exactly where we want to be!

This is what has brought my team on the mission to compile splendid gems of advice and encouragement from impressive women in online business from all over the world in to one inspiring eBook that any reader can turn to when needing an uplifting message for whatever situation.

It is with this mission in mind that my team and I have embarked on the adventure of capturing stories from women just like you to be included in the upcoming eBook ‘ 100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Businesstrade mark symbol



We are looking forward to receiving entries from women around the world that have an inspirational and uplifting tale of encouragement to tell. We are often asked “I have an inspirational poem, but I still do not think I am ‘super successful’ yet as I am just getting started too” – please do not say that!

If you already have content in mind that you know can inspire and encourage another woman, that alone makes you super successful in your mindset and dedication, and we are here to get your contribution in front of women who may be facing the same doubt that made you ask that question!

This is why joining this mission is so great for both reader and contributor – we all need a boost of confidence and encouragement and having you content published and circulated globally can do for you just that as it touches the hearts and lives of the readers!

If you are a female entrepreneur, particularly in online business (blogging, influencing, graphic design, lecturer, life coach, retail) and whatever your niche and even if you too are just starting out – we definitely want to hear from you!


If you have a personal quote, story, paragraph, poem, motto or piece of advice that you know a lady somewhere in this world should have right now – then you simply just must get it included in this compilation of 100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Businesstrade mark symbol!

It does not even matter if you are just starting out in business, blogging or influencing – what matters is that the story or advice you share is inspiring, actionable and can help another woman somewhere when she gets her hands on it!

This eBook is going to surely cause a stir in the blogging, influencer and online business community of women because we are all here working together to change each-others’ lives one recipe, one craft, one tip, one story, one wonderful video at a time – and as a community of millions of women worldwide it is that time for us to speak in unison to encourage and uplift as a powerhouse of positivity!



Not only will you be actively inspiring and changing the lives of countless women worldwide by being a part of this exciting project; we are more than thrilled to let these ladies know exactly how and where to find you if they want to learn more about your journey, your business, blog, influencer projects, YT Channel and all the rest of the great things you are involved with in addition to the 100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Businesstrade mark symbol project! You can get all the details about the Contributor’s Package here!



There really is not much time left to get your entry in either! The deadline to enter is only about 4 weeks away on July 19, 2020 and then off to the virtual press this ebook goes!

Also – space is absolutely, positively limited as can be! With millions of brilliant ladies all over the world with great things to say, 100 spaces is not much to go around. We are on a mission to empower females on every corner of the world through real experiences, real-life stories of triumph, and inspiring poems from the heart.

If this sounds like the kind of mission you want to be a part of, do not wait another minute to prepare your entry and submit it today.


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  1. I love this idea and can’t wait to see your responses. So many women inspire me and support me every day. I’m excited to see what they put in words for you.

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