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Let’s be real – when you look good, you feel good – that saying is age-old and will forever remain true.

Even though we may sometimes think that we are doing ourselves this huge favor by skipping a self-care routine for the sake of saving 30 minutes – in truth, we just robbed ourselves of the time we actually needed to prepare our mind and body to tackle life’s duties without feeling like the old woman in the shoe.

Yes, having 1, 2, 3, 4…. pregnancies and babies; raising children and keeping up with all their shenanigans is time-consuming and tough enough, especially now that home-schooling has been forced upon many of us with no mental preparation or prior experience! And whether you have a clan of kids or not you may still have a crazy schedule due to work or business which makes you feel like self-care is just one extra, time-consuming task you do not need – SO WRONG!

Take comfort in knowing this – as women we have actually been designed and built with all the physical, emotional and mental power we need to accomplish motherhood or all the responsibilities of life we women face daily without letting ourselves go during the mix – it, like most things, starts with mental positioning or mind-set.

It is easy to accept the hype that being a mommy itself makes finding time too difficult to do an at-home facial, or even stop to moisturize – there are lots of posts, quotes and images out there that apparently try to encourage us to throw in the towel, ruffle our hair, drag on a dingy t-shirt and step out without washing our face.

THIS is exactly why behind-the-scenes at home there are so many mothers (and women) who enter stages of self-doubt, lowered self-esteem, depression, general sadness and even anxiety!

This concept that it is okay to let yourself go is actually what is leaving many women feeling unworthy, not beautiful and as they scroll through IG and see all the seemingly flawless women around the world the self-criticism is never-ending thereafter – I know because I have been there.

The sooner you realize that the only difference between you and the gorgeous girls on IG is that they have found the time (even if it’s just for some pictures) to freshen right up, style their hair and prepare their skin – and no you do not need to go and spend $1500 on beauty products either!

I cannot express enough how important it is for you to find time to appreciate and praise your talents and natural beauty, to learn yourself and what compliments you, to spend time in your own company even if it means giving up an hour sleep out of the four little hours you actually get! Yes, your sleep is just as important – but what use will it be if you still wake up feeling dragged down and pitiful?

Remember, we can wear ourselves down and never stop for self-care during our entire 18 to 25 years of full on mothering – but when our little birdies fly the nest it will only be us left to dwell in self-pity and regret every-time we look in the mirror to see a woman worn ragged.

The point is – it does not have to be this way, and while we are still in our 30s, 40s and even 50s with children in our homes there is absolutely no logical reasons to skip a calming, rejuvenating self-care routine even if only once a week!

As you can tell encouraging women to practice self-care is something I am rather passionate about, why?

The more confident, self-assured women this world has, the better!

Women have shaped our history and can shape our future, but I bet you have never seen a woman with absolutely no confidence or self-awareness climb the ladder of “world-changer”, have you?

The women who fought for our rights hundreds of years ago and even those that survived wars and famines or raised children who grew up to be inventors or start major corporations all have one thing in common – they were confident and did not take being a mother as a reason to lose themselves – they used it as a reason to find themselves!

I am thoroughly sure that the more of us ladies that adapt a positive, confident mind-set in this chaotic world the better chance we have to see enormous, positive movements that can shape the future of humanity – likewise, the more of us that decide that our long list of domestic chores is enough reason to allow our hair to become like a knotted mat – it will mean that our gender is just no longer up for the challenge – just being honest here.

I want to see a world with more powerful women who care, who love and who are passionate about our planet and our ability to change things for the better in addition to having a thorough determination to fulfill our maternal obligation to raise a new generation of equally confident and self-aware people.

This all starts with you knowing how beautiful and powerful you are and realizing how important it is for you to care for and maintain your source of that beauty and power – your mind and body.

If you are not currently practicing a self-care routine or do not even know where to start or what a self-care routine should include or how to find the time for one – do not stress (please!).

I have summed that all up for you here in this helpful post to make this whole process as easy as possible! Your well-being is not only important for you, it is important for your family and it is also dang important for this world to have more of us ladies up for our daily challenges and our responsibilities as a citizen of earth! Funny enough – it can start with self-care!

Now that I have gone on about this self-care routine stuff and how washing your face and combing your hair can change your life and in turn shine a bit more light on an ever-darkening world I would really like to hear your thoughts or self-care tips if you already have a cool routine in place. If you would rather share your thoughts and tips with other women around the world in a more formal and far-reaching setting and want to really make an impact with on other ladies perhaps you should being joining other like-minded and brilliant women by contributing your inspiring tale in this upcoming eBook!

Feel free to drop a link to your self-care page or video too because I love to learn how other ladies approach their routines and what benefits they have garnered from spending some time on their well-being through self-care.

To mind and body wellness,



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