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We all begin our blogging journeys for different reasons; why you decide to blog is entirely a personal experience – but blogging itself, is not.

The public nature of blogging is what puts the pressure on to create great content that others will want to read and engage with, even though the decision to start blogging is one that we may ponder alone for years before ever registering our first URL.

Sometimes we have read over a hundred blog pages while seeking information online before ever realizing that there is some cool person out there that made that information available by staying up until 3am formulating it in to the perfect post for us to indulge in and to answer our question or solve our problems.

I was introduced to blogging 20 years ago as a teenager – I had no idea what the heck it was but I knew it had the potential to make money while working from home based on the little I had seen about it at that time. Even then, at 14 years old, using a dial up internet connection, I found this to be very intriguing and like all teens, I also wanted my own money.

I attempted to sign-up on “How To” as a contributor and then tried to convince my mom to home-school me so that I could blog – needless to say, none of those two worked out for me at the time!

Fast forward some crazy two decades later and the universe remembered my wacky teenage dream – so here I am – writing away, editing videos, managing a wonderful team that helps me produce content that changes lives and helps others understand their wonderful worth and what a fantastic, powerful person they have the potential to be.

This is my blogging goal – to help others build their confidence in a crazy online business world where it is just too easy to compare yourself to everyone around you instead of focusing on exactly why YOU are equally as awesome and ready to make waves with your writing and content.


There are thousands of online courses, paid programs, posts, articles, videos – you name it – about the best way to start blogging, the platform to use, where to host, what to sell, where to post, how often to share…. so we won’t even go there today – feel free to get on Google and you will find more than enough details on the ‘physical‘ nature of starting the actual blog.

But in my experience over the recent years I have found that even if you have the best web developer available and fastest, most reliable hosting – the #1 thing every new blogger needs and usually does not have enough of … is confidence! ESPECIALLY, when you bump in to your first online troll! (This can make you want to delete everything you ever posted!)

Building your confidence is the absolute vital part of building a successful blog or online business.

Your readers and potential clients are looking to you to be a light in their lives and solve a problem for them; therefore you must illuminate confidence in your writing and content – after-all – the confidence to do makes the difference in ALL situations; so building your confidence is definitely the best place to start.


Often times persons turn to blogging as a way out, a way to make money, free themselves from the job that is tying them down or the debt that has stolen their smile and tossed them in to the darkness of depression.

If you turned to blogging for a reason similar to this you have to first shed the concept that blogging is going to solve all your problems because the successful bloggers out there are only successful because they are solving other people’s problems!

I am not saying that you cannot use your blog to make a full-time income and live your best life – that is entirely possible – but what I am saying is, when you are writing – do not consume your thoughts with “this post has to be my very best and make me my first $10” – this thought itself is a lack of confidence and it will show up somehow in the tone of your writing.

The internet is a HUGE world in its own right, with more than enough space for all of us and a never-ending audience anxious every moment for new content that helps them, excites them and fulfills some need that they have at the very moment that they are online – fill that need – and you can be successful like thousands of other bloggers around you, and KNOW, that you can do it.


You will read lots of online commentary about how important it is for you to figure out your niche – this is true, but oftentimes you will not figure it out until you have been blogging at least a few weeks and taking note of your content that is drawing the most engagement to your blog and social media.

Determining your perfect niche again takes building your confidence – you have to be confident that whatever niche you are getting in to – you have the skills and experience to properly represent yourself to the readers and potential clients who fall within that niche category when they are browsing online.

What do you have to offer them?

If you are questioning your value and ability, we have some work to do, so let’s get started right away!


We have just spoken a bit about how important it is for you to build your confidence as an individual in order to become successful with your blog and I hope that you now totally understand that you cannot jump in to this arena halfheartedly, doubting your ability to succeed at it!

When first starting out finding your blogging voice and still wondering deep-down “why the heck am I doing this?” is going to be common place so you must ALWAYS remember why the heck you started doing this in order to avoid the doubts that surround questioning your intention and ability.

With all this going on in your head, what exactly can you do in order to believe in yourself and the content you intend to produce?

How can you be more confident about the message you want to share and your ability to relate and serve your readers?


Whether you conjured up the wacky thought of becoming a blogger for shits and giggles – or truly plan to transform this in to a part-time or full-time income, you obviously have some message that you intend to share.

Whether the message is about how fabulous the craft of crochet is with tips, tricks and patterns for your audience to follow.

Or if you are going to be sharing your passion for vintage fashion and linking with readers who love a great 1960’s look.

Whatever your niche might be, you have to be totally clear on why you want to contribute content to in that area of the online blogging world AND how you plan to be different.

What will your readers get from spending time on your blog learning from you?

You MUST know WHY you want to share with your audience.

Is it to simply entertain them, provide tips, give them a daily laugh, uplift, counsel – figure out why you are going public with your message.

Knowing exactly why you want to share your message online (and even writing this down somewhere that you can see it everyday while creating) will help to keep you motivated because the first few weeks of blogging can be a bit sad as you write and write to get 2 or 3 views (if lucky!).

Staying focused on why you chose to blog and what you chose to blog about can be key to building your confidence blogging and not giving up like the many others who do.


What are you planning to bring to the table and what makes it different from what is already available?

This is where finding your voice as a blogger becomes very important.

Ever notice how two people can tell you the same exact thing but for some reason the second person made it a whole lot clearer?

You have to be the second person!

You can also compliment already available information on whatever topic you are writing about or vlogging about by elaborating on it or discussing it from your perspective or presenting additional facts or research about the exact same topic 300 other bloggers are also talking about.

Like I said, the internet is a big world – there is definitely space for you and you have to ALWAYS remember that!


If you are writing and writing and posting and posting while still not getting the results you want, ask yourself – “where is my content being shared and being found?”

Are you posting links to your blog posts and videos in forums and groups?

Who are the members of those forums and groups?

Have you browsed through some of the members profiles to understand what their in to and get an idea of what they are looking for when they come online?

Posting and posting while reaching the wrong audience can leave you in the dumps and it does horrible for your self confidence because it will make you feel like your content is not good enough!

The thing is, when your content is not getting in front of the right crowd that has nothing to do with whether it is good or bad – it is simply that what you are saying does not resonate with the people who are seeing it.

When this is happening, you have to plan a better strategy for promoting your content and getting it to the right folks by knowing exactly who can benefit from your input on whatever the topic you are discussing might be. You have to figure out your ideal audience and find out where they hang out online!


Confidence is what we are all about here at Climbing In Heels – obviously it would take a heck of a lot of confidence to climb anything in heels anyway!

We want you to know that whatever your obstacle might be, whether in blogging, business, life, self, family – having the confidence to know you have the ability to overcome it and all the strength to make a plan, action it and jump any hurdle is the start to a happier and more prosperous life.

I have meant so many people over the years whose lack of confidence was the primary thing coming between them and their goals!

It is so easy to say to yourself “I am not tall enough, big enough, smart enough….” and all the other ‘not enoughs’ without even realizing that the only real difference between you and someone doing what you wish you were doing is YOUR ability to believe that you too can do it, and do it well!

Going forward we are not going to allow you to doubt yourself anymore – not only does this steal your joy and set you back light-years from your goals – it drains energy that would be better used to further your plans!

If you are sitting in some dark space right now because of reasons that I may never know – I just want to let you in on this – it IS possible for you to find your smile even if drenched in sadness at this moment.

It is entirely possible for you to overcome that feeling of failure and become a more confident person in every aspect of your life!

You have to take steps right now to love and care for yourself more, really get concrete about the goals you have for your life, put a plan of action together with baby steps to achieve your desired level of success and STOP comparing where you are at to where anybody else seems to be.

Your life is about you, your plans, your – focus on building your confidence by taking more time to admire your talents and accomplishments so far – no matter how small you think they are!


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To your absolute best you,



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