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Hi all! I hope you and your loved ones have been well! Just dropping this blog post with a fun and useful learning tool for parents of kiddies 18 mths to 6 years! Head on over to the blog to download a bright alphabet recognition chart that you can use and refer to as you teach your little one the foundation of phonics and reading. This alphabet recognition chart will help you to track and monitor your child's progress with learning the English alphabet and its sounds. If you've never used one of these simple learning support tools before, no worries, the easy instructions are on the printable and I've added great info and tips in the short post so check it out :).

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Dressing up a bare wall can make such a huge difference in the look and feeling of your home! Sometimes we do not think twice about what a bright or intriguing piece of wall art can do for our space and mood. Choosing a few great pieces of wall art can also spruce up the areas of your home where you take pictures or shoot videos. Sometimes we think that all things wall art require a huge investment to get great choices but nowadays we can access fantastic pieces of wall art for under $20 in sets of 2, 3, 4 and sometimes even 6 individual pieces that we can add to our space to provide conversation pieces and inspiration. Scoot on over to have a quick look at some of the fantastic options you can find for under $20 per collection!

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Everyone in the online business world are discovering that video content has quickly surpassed image and text content in recent years - this is absolutely no secret. Whether you are new to blogging and virtual business or have been doing this for several months or years - if you have not started using video content for increased engagement and convenience to your following - now would be a really good time for you to start. Yes, creating video content can be tedious work - but it can really help with your blog or influencer pages. One of the core components of an entertaining video is catchy, tone-appropriate music that compliments your video's subject and feeling. Thanks to excellent mix masters around the internet there are thousands of fantastic free and paid music options available for quick and easy download in a variety of formats (.mp3 being the most popular and compatible).. Let's discover great online resources to find background music for your video content and discuss how t ensure you are legally using any music tracks you download for use your videos.