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If you are now producing videos for your blog and social media – congratulations!

Though it can take a whole lot more time to produce a great video versus posting a pic you will be happy with the results once you ensure to create engaging, well-presented videos and select appropriate music to compliment the imagery..

When you watch the videos of popular influencers and bloggers you may take note of the music variety often played before, during and at the ending of their videos – music helps to tell their story.

Finding background music is actually not a difficult task when you are online – simply head over to Google and search for “royalty free .mp3 background music” and you will get thousands of results; I have also provided a link to two websites that I have found great background music options. What can be tricky is when you want to ensure that YouTube does not flag your video for copyright infringement or you get a “Cease & Desist” letter from the musician’s composer.


When you use that suggested search term above you will receive thousands of search results; once the results have loaded, grab a notepad (remember, ALWAYS keeping notepads nearby is a top way to stay organized in the business blogging world) and write down the website addresses and names of perhaps five of the websute addresses that show up in your background music search results and that seem interesting you.

Once you have done that, perform another Google search on each of the wbesites to check for reviews. You can use a search term like “[website name ] royalty free music download reviews” or something of the sort – also try varying search terms to be safer. Doing this will help you to ensure that it is a legit website with royalty free music and will also help to determine if there are any virus threats on the websites if you spot any such bad reviews.

There is always a chance that you can download a virus from a malicious attacker when downloading music from the internet so doing some research on the integrity of the background music host website is a great idea.

Narrow that list of 5 down to 2 or 3 – many sites have thousands and thousands of music choices so you really do not need to start out with a list of 200 websites to find royalty free background music.

When downloading royalty free music the music the composers will ask that you credit them to the music, some websites also provide a template credit text for each free song they have some that will allow you to copy and paste it. This music credit should include:

  1. the name of the song;
  2. the Composer’s name
  3. the Composer’s website address or other page

Adding the credit text in the YouTube description of your video or within the video itself once you have determined that the composer finds that acceptable, will help to protect you from possible copyright infringements.

The website that you download the royalty free background music from will often have some information on the terms and conditions of using the background music so it is a good idea to have a quick read though.

The two websites that I have found very useful and filled with great music options (especially for when first getting started) are:

  1. Bensound; and

Both of these websites offer free and paid background music options, downloading is fast and easy and there are numerous background music options to choose from. Just remember to learn about the music composers, ensure they are okay with public use of their background music mixes in exchange for being credited for their work.

Peace & Love


Do you produce video content for your blog or influencer pages? How are you finding the experience? Share your thoughts and tips with us in the comments. And don’t forget to sign up for new updates and more great resources.

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