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If you’re like most parents you want the best possible chance of a successful future for your kiddo/s and know full well that education plays a big role in their chances and fluent reading can make learning a much less frustrating journey for children.

I created this little learning tool to help me monitor my toddlers progress with learning to identify letters as well as their sounds.

It’s super easy, fast and fun and you can add the date to each sheet to help you monitor your child’s progress. This cool chart enables you to keep track of which letters to work more closely with your child on and can be used along with our free printable alphabet recognition placemat that you can also download here. 

Depending on the stage of alphabet recognition that your child is now at, all you have to do is print this cute chart and sit with your little one. Point to each letter one-by-one and have your child call out the letter if they have already started to recognize some letters. For each letter that they get right, you can put a check mark, a sticker or a cute stamp! You can learn more about this cool and easy home learning tool in the video below 🙂

If your child is already comfortable with identifying all of the letters of the alphabet then you can use this chart to help them learn each letter sound. You would just follow the same process as above but ask your child to say the letter sound instead of the letter and for each letter sound that your kiddie gets right, you can put a check mark, a sticker or a cute stamp!

Please feel free to download your copy and have fun teaching your little one with this useful chart.

ABC Chart printable download

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