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There comes a point of time in your life when you get bored with the number of zeros in your account. Well, it did to me. And, that’s exactly when I got hold of this monstrous idea of a side hustle. Something you don’t need an age to do. Something that won’t judge your creative juices. And, something that would only make you earn more! Some of these side hustle opportunities are available to anyone, anywhere around the world via the internet – others may be more suitable for some countries and not others. Regardless, with a little creativity, motivation and a good side hustle search you are sure to come up with something that can earn you a cool extra buck!

Every month, your regular job ships a fixed amount of salary to your account. This amount if turned into a variable one, can do wonders to both your dreams, as well as your peers. 

To turn this fixed amount of salary into an instrument that would draw you any number between 50$ to 50,000$ per month, you would need to get acquainted with several side-hustle motifs.

Does the proposition of a side hustle excite your gut? So many students hit the 5K Club- that is earning 5000$ per month. This way, they get to create their own little space for their dreams, passions, and hobbies, that they can very well convert into best-possible career plans.

Let us now channelize our thought-process into the varicolored world of side-hustles:

  1. Proofread For The Buck

If you quail when someone commits a grammatical error and you put on the robe of Grammar Nazi, then you must make good use of this phenomenal trait of yours. I left my day job to focus on the fuss created by the Anti-Grammar people. This is a super-flexible side hustle. The average pay rate is between 20$ to 30$ on an hourly basis.

To understand proofreading a little better, do read works by Phon Baillie on her website

  • Deliver Symphony Lectures

Isn’t music the only therapy you need sometimes to get over day-to-day scampering? Well, for me, it is. It could be any of your favorite instruments, piano, guitar, ukulele, or drums. Use your personal or professional network to expand your musical skills. An average pay rate is 400$ per month. One of the best ways to earn an income doing this magical side hustle sits tightly in this article by Lauren Bateman –

  • Be An Adjunct In A Movie

Do you know those movies where background mattered a lot? Especially when there’s a lot of sitting and walking around and waiting to do. If you are anywhere near New York City, Los Angeles, or London, there’s always a requirement for an extra in movies. Go ahead and make your dream come true of being seen on the theatre screen! An extra is paid 100$ for 12 hours a day. Isn’t that too exciting a side hustle job? To know more about extra in movies, check this link out:

  • Trade Your Stuff Online

It happens with me, there’s always too much room for new clothes and new furniture. Then, I have to search for applications where I could sell off my unwanted and idle stuff. Its probably one of the easiest and fastest side hustles. You’ll enjoy selling off your stuff. Also, getting rid of the older stuff makes room for positivity and miraculous vibes. Here, the pay rate depends on the kind and type of your stuff. Gain a better understanding of the same here:

  • Freelancer In The Making

I left my day-job of being a medico to concentrate on becoming a freelance content writer. Who does that? I know, nobody. Side hustles aren’t easy and not a cakewalk. But if you believe in yourself and want to give your passion a big break, then enter into the world of freelancers. Start out exploring Upwork, Truelancer, Freelancer, Fiverr, FlexJobs, PeoplePerHour, CrowdSource, Guru, PeerHustle, Project4Hire, 99Designs, Craigslist, DesignHill, LocalSolo, Toptal, and the catalog is long. A freelancer can earn 30 dollars per hour. Give it a try. To dive more into this world:

  • Sign Up For The Baby’s World

Becoming a nanny or babysitter is one of the most-happiest side hustle jobs, especially, if you are planning to have a family later in life. It’s like having a rehearsal wedding before the actual wedding. What do the regular babysitters in your area charge should be of your concern? If you love the sound of babies, then you must have a go at it. Become better acquainted here:

  • Driving Your Favorite Vehicle

If I was paid for driving, I would never go after my other passions. This side hustle is so fun and thrilling that you would never feel disappointed. It need not be for hours and hours together. Just a few hours on the weekends and boom! You would have traveled the whole world and got paid for the same! Enlist yourself into Uber or Lyft and know how much they charge per kilometer. To enlighten yourself with this side hustle:

  • Inaugurate Flipping

If you know how businesses all over the world work, then probably this side hustle is for you. It’s like buying stuff from a flea market and redecorating it or refurbishing it and selling it off for a good rate. So, that you get a commission for all the hard work you do. Else, if there’s some unwanted furniture that needs a touchup, you could do that, and sell it off at a good rate. Here, you must have good marketing skills, so that buyers can buy your products. To know more, read on:

Closing Remarks

Let’s embrace a truth pill: no side hustle is effortless and no money comes easy. There is no hard-and-fast rule too attached to side hustles. It is just a matter of time, luck, and some precious words. You have to listen to your inner voice carefully. Ask what it wants, how it wants, and when it wants. No side hustle will sound impossible if you listen to your inner gut. Do your part of the research, meet with similar-minded people, then find the best possible side hustle for yourself. It’s out there, and waiting to be pounced on by you!

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