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Make Your First Impression Stick

Whether you want your new business to flourish. Or, you have been a part of the race for decades, you need to be friends with the growing fever of Instagram.

Most clients are hungry for newer content over Instagram feed. According to research, you only have 7 seconds to make your first impression on Instagram.

Imagine having someone look at your Instagram feed for 7 seconds. And, then they decide the worth of your products based on that. Doesn’t it kill? Don’t you want to grasp the viewer’s fancy for more than 7 seconds?

A fact is that our brain cells program in such a way that we look for patterns, and chunks placed in order. And, a fashion that speaks for itself.

To make your new business flourish like a sunflower, here are 25 tips to improve your Instagram feed. Also, to make it worthy of the viewer’s attention:

  1. Choose your favorite color

Post pictures that have the same color. If #GoldenBrown is your favorite color, then ensure your posts have that color.

  • Diagonal pattern

Say you have a thing for posting #Quotes and #PhotographicMoments together. Then you can diagonally post quotes.

  • Framed in a photo album

You miss photo albums. Especially, when you could capture your travel moments. You can choose a color- #White and frame all your travel pics in that.

  • Follow the vertical line

Only 3 posts are present in a row. So, make sure you have the central post depicting something else. It could be anything- #Quote, #Drawing, or #Musing.

  • Different rows

The first row of your Instagram feed can have #SeaPictures and the next row can have #LifeQuotes. A delight to the eyes, right?

  • Focus on one word

Say #Passion is your favorite word, then, out of the first 9 posts, you can keep the 4th post as “PASSION”. And, have all the other 8 posts depicting passion photography- #Food, #Dance, #Love, #Stage, etc.

  • Borders between

After every 3 posts, make sure to have a thick border separating the next 3 posts from it.

  • The pattern of the backgrounds

You can add a background to the pictures you post. That way, you can add #BabyPink background to say 6 posts out of 9 to form a pattern. And, the remaining 3 could be in #Black or #White background.

  • Use the same Instagram filter

For a post on Instagram, there’s a sea of filters you can choose from. Use the same filter for all your posts to give out the same emotion or feeling to the viewer’s mind. Stick to the same font

An attractive layout must feature the same font so that it creates a pattern- image in our brains. And, makes it visually pleasing.

Use the Canva app

To stand apart, you can have #QuoteAndPicture in one. By using different Canva templates, your post will look apart. And, attract tremendous attention.

Post picture following an event

For the first 3 posts, you can capture sunset every hour. For the next 3 posts, you can capture running on the snow every second.

The Puzzle Canva

A quote between two photographs and a photograph between 2 quotes can make your feed stand out.

Own a theme

If #Beaches make your heart thump louder, then choose that. If you love #Paragliding, then choose that.

A giant photo

Have your 9 posts representing 1 giant photo. It could be anything. A face or a scenic moment.

Merger photo

Have the 1st and 3rd posts represent the 2nd photo. Say, it was about #Makeup. Then, make sure your 1st and 3rd photos represent the preparation. And, the 2nd photo has a close-up post of the face with the makeup.

Black and white

Have the first 3 posts in a white background or having a light background. And, the next 3 posts have a black background or having a dark background.

Checkerboard pattern

Alternate two posts or two colors. 1st and 3rd post having #Quote in white background, then 2nd #Quote in black background.

Rainbow of colors

Choose a word- #Travel, then have all the 9 posts in blue color. Then, choose another word- #Peace, and have all the 9 posts in white color.

  • Mixed pattern

If you don’t like following any pattern, then place all the posts you want the way you like. #Travel pics along with #Quotes and #Slogans along with #Hiking.

  • Put pieces together

1 post of Instagram can be an amalgamation of 2 photos. Sort of a collage in one post.

  • Add graphic moments

Overlapping the images with graphic elements. Like paint smears in the form of lines will make it look catchy and stylish.

  •  Follow a pattern of events

1st post- black background, 2nd post- person, 3rd post- black background. 4th post- grey background, 5th post- white background, 6th post- grey background.

  •  Frame under the frame

Make your post have a white border and make your photo in the post have a black border.

  • Represent an idea

Have the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th posts about #Mindset, #DreamLife, #Motivation. And, 3rd and 6th posts about people depicting mindset, dream life, and motivation.


In the end, the way a grid layout comes out will not only please your eyes but also the viewer’s eyes.

Instagram is a collection of moments. And, you should make sure you arrange the moment in a beautiful layout of posts. The conversion may be tedious, but it’s worth the effort you put in.

Keep in mind- to own a beautiful Instagram feed that will represent your idea, brand, or business.

You can use tools to help you plan a grid layout and schedule it as well.

There are pros and cons to every grid layout. But the grid layout you choose should highlight your message well.

If preparing for a grid layout seems hectic, then you can always choose a simpler theme- black, white, gothic, vintage, rainbow, illustration, quotation, checkerboard, etc.

PS: You can comment below on how did you decorate your grid layout.

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