A heartfelt and wonderful welcome to you, thank you for taking a moment to get to know me.

Writing about my life has helped me to reflect and assess where I am and how I got here. It  has often brought me to tears when remembering all I have been through – my life has been a lot like “climbing in heels” – it has been an extremely difficult journey but one that faith in God has brought me through with a constant glow.

I turned to blogging to share my experiences like most bloggers do; I am a ‘mompreneur’ of 7 daughters and live in the Cayman Islands – maybe you have heard of our small country, it is a 1.5 hr flight from Miami.

My life experience are diverse with major bumps and hurdles – but somehow, I managed to get through alive and that is the story I want to share. It would be good for you to know right now that even if you are not where you want to be, despite your circumstances now, it is VERY possible for you to get where you want to be – but it starts with having the confidence to trust yourself and assess your abilities.

From overcoming the trials of single motherhood while experiencing years of domestic violence – to finding God after a stint of atheism and disbelief – and how my relationship with God literally saved my life when my ex-husband tried to kill me. Faith and determination changed my circumstances for the better and helped me rise above homelessness, hunger, poverty, unemployment, violence and drug abuse to become an independent, confident, successful business woman of multiple companies.

I truly believe that by adapting a confident mindset – learning to first love, trust and appreciate yourself – are the very first steps to overcoming the feelings of failure and finding the happiness you need and deserve in order to be successful – even while coping with depression and financial turbulence.

There were times when I never thought I would recover from crying on the bathroom floor – so believe me when I say – I know horrendous feeling of failure and “not enough” – I am also a testament to YOUR divine human ability to put mind over matter and kick the shit out of any obstacle you face.

Fast-forward all these years later since my teen pregnancy and I am now the mommy of 7 fantastic young ladies who hold the keys to my heart and have been one of my major motivators to pull through the years of “not enough”.

You see – we will ALL need to have a focus source and center – something or someone that encourages us to GET UP and KEEP GOING despite ourselves and despite even a lack of drive and/or resources at the given time. Before you get in to your car you will most often have a destination planned and a reason for going there – it is the same with plotting your path to success.

Along the way I have learnt so much, overcome so many trials – failed a little, cried a lot and now I give thanks to God everyday for the wisdom I have gained through my journey and the lessons I have learned which I know that many people will also benefit from adopting in to their lives and thinking

This is why, although it is very hard to just lay it all bare – I have chosen to share my many secrets right here – in the wide open space of the internet – where you, or anyone else who can benefit from them – can easily find them.

I have chosen to share my life with you – to open up about the intimate details of my trials, successes, failures, regrets, happy moments, experience as a mother – and how I ditched my Government-issued grocery card for a six-figure income earned through a number of online businesses and investments.

I know that the opportunities for you to do the same exist and that the only way for you to get them is to know and BELIEVE that they exist.

YOU are fully capable of getting all you want in this life, regardless of present circumstances.

You already have, own and control the #1 resource you need to get started on the path to happiness – that resource is YOURSELF – just like anyone else that beat the bull shit in their lives and reaped the rewards of having the self-confidence to know that no one could get them where they wanted to be but them!

What I intend to reinforce consistently through my blog is that you are strong and powerful, while opening your mind to the multitudes of possibilities that are available to you on your pursuit of self-awareness and success once you have firmly grounded your goals in the confidence that YOU CAN and YOU WILL.

Ultimately, your outcome will entirely depend on YOU, as mine depended on me. It really does not matter how great everyone tells you that you are – what matters is how great you KNOW YOU ARE. And that is where your journey to happiness and success will start and flourish.

Peace and love,

Megan Elizabeth (Megs)
Creative Director
Climbing In Heels