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Everyone in the online business world are discovering that video content has quickly surpassed image and text content in recent years - this is absolutely no secret. Whether you are new to blogging and virtual business or have been doing this for several months or years - if you have not started using video content for increased engagement and convenience to your following - now would be a really good time for you to start. Yes, creating video content can be tedious work - but it can really help with your blog or influencer pages. One of the core components of an entertaining video is catchy, tone-appropriate music that compliments your video's subject and feeling. Thanks to excellent mix masters around the internet there are thousands of fantastic free and paid music options available for quick and easy download in a variety of formats (.mp3 being the most popular and compatible).. Let's discover great online resources to find background music for your video content and discuss how t ensure you are legally using any music tracks you download for use your videos.

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Like starting any other business, it takes loads of confidence to really get going and to attract clientele so that you can make that business successful. This is absolutely no different with starting a blog if you intend to make it successful, helpful and entertaining. I know that when you are first getting started with the whole process of opening up about whatever topic you have chosen to produce content for it can be difficult to write and feel confident about anything you are saying - you may even think twice before sharing your posts with anyone, anywhere despite knowing that getting eyes on your posts is also vital for success. This is exactly why building your confidence as a blogger or online business owner is super important to becoming a pro in your chosen niche and gaining the attention of a devoted audience. Let's discover 4 great ways to start making you more confident about your blogging abilities so that you can share your thoughts and expertise with others through a great blog that you are proud of and potentially add another income to your life.

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Lovely day to you and yours! I just had to update you on what has been happening! This is something that has been keeping me up at night and I am so excited to finally be able to share it! I just cannot stop thinking about all the amazing women online in the blogging and influencer world who are just filled with knowledge, experience, splendid tips, advice and motivation. These women and their voices have been shining lights in so many dark moments of my life and their inspiring stories often provided me the drive and encouragement I need in various difficult times of my relationships, motherhood, career, business and blogging journey. The internet is riddled with their awesomeness - you know - their recipes, their arts, crafts, super intelligent ways to save and answers to so many of our problems. In fact, I am now on a mission to gather up and beautifully compile in to a handy eBook the brilliance and beauty of inspiring and wonderful blogging and influencer women around the world so that others can easily access their motivating quotes, thoughts and stories every time a 'picker-upper' is needed! I know I could find all the quotes and stories I need right here on the internet or even write a few myself - but that would not be as much fun or even remotely make the same impact as hearing it from lovely, successful women who submit specifically to be featured in this eBook of life and love and who actively play a part in the creation of its content and energy! As a mommy of 7 daughters I should imagine such a book would be a diamond of a gift for my teens and other ladies all over the world! To read these stories of each climb to success- each witty and proactive journey to exactly where she wanted to be, each beautiful and inspiring story, motto, poem, piece of advice from the brilliant mind of a triumphantly satisfied lady who changed her life through faith and confidence - I simply get chills thinking about it! Would you like to share your thoughts with the world alongside other like-minded and successful women who want to change the lives and empower other women to follow their dreams, work hard, make a plan, stick to it and to not be afraid to step out in confidence even when everyone is telling them not to? I know you have been there too!  If this sounds like you and something you would like to put your name to; join our mission by adding your story, your, voice and your unique contribution to this wonderful compilation of total confidence and female intelligence - let me tell you more about what we are up to now!

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Hi there! I am quickly stopping in to leave you with this fantastic and free, downloadable Privacy Policy template that you can use for your blog or website to ensure you have the legal bits and pieces in place as required. I am not sure if you have heard, but it is very important to make certain that your blog or website has all the vital legal documents in a visible location for your visitors - these policies, terms, disclaimers, disclosures and others protect your site users AND you, your blog and your business. The Privacy Policy is extremely important because it clearly explains what happens to your visitors data and it also reminds them that their use of your site means they are okay with the way the data is handled. Your Privacy Policy also assures your visitors that you will make every effort to protect their data and you will also not sell it, of course! If you do not have a Privacy Policy on your blog or website - or perhaps the one you do have needs a little updating - please feel free to download and customize a copy for your use! Through these little downloadable efforts I am hoping to help make sure all bloggers and business owners online have what they need to operate a safe, compliant online company where our visitors know and understand how we process and protect any information that they leave behind or provide on our sites. Okay, enough chatting, be my guest and grab your fully editable copy of this Privacy Policy template.

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Great news!

I have just about finished preparing those important legal documents for you that every blog or website should (and in some cases, legally MUST} have published. These documents include various policies, disclosures, disclaimers and important affiliate related legalities that you really should have if you plan to take your blog or eBusiness to a professional, income-earning level.

While I tailor all those to ensure the content within is generalized in a manner that will make it easier for you to customize and incorporate each one specifically for your website without too much hoopla, I thought it would be great to check in on how things are going and to share some vital tips that I have learnt while blogging - which for some odd reason I surprisingly cannot find listed anywhere else online!

These quick notes have been extreme time-savers for me when I create content for social media, YouTube and my blog - saving time while growing your blog and influence is important because there is ssssoooooo much to do and it can be months or years before you can hire a team to help - unless of course - you stay super organized so that you can raise your traffic quickly and consistently.

Please take a moment to read these 7 surprising tips for keeping organized while creating content for your blog and/or YouTube channel.

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Hi there!

I sure hope that this week has been progressing well for you. So far, so good on this end - I am keeping very busy at home which is to be expected with a household the size of mine haha. With homeschooling in full swing I do not get much time in the day to work on my blog so I have been up late getting things done and as I watch my stats begin to climb it made me remember when I first got started with this blog and why I chose to build it on

Over the past several days I have had several friends and family ask me about my experience with blogging so far and what are my suggestions for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog or revamping their current one. I really love when people engage me on this topic because blogging has been a great way for me to meet new friends, share my thoughts and hopefully help or entertain anyone who stumbles upon my little piece of the big internet.

Particularly now as we all hunker down at home waiting for this pandemic to ease away, interest in blogging has spiked and I really encourage anyone considering starting a blog to just get started! There is always room for new content and a new voice on the web so do not be discouraged - the internet is the information headquarters of the world because of bloggers like you and me who simply stop making excuses and start posting.

I have been using WordPress for years for my business websites; my husband is a huge fan and builds websites for clients of his ecommerce and tech business using it. I knew I could get his help setting me up on and he did show me how - but managing my own server and all the rest of the techy things the .org WordPress option required was not how I wanted to spend my time - I wanted to spend my time learning how to create great content, editing my videos and getting familiar with what it takes to make a great blog.

That is when I began to explore and found that it is exactly what I needed for my blog for many reasons. Join me for a quick moment to find out why I have been loving my blogging experience and really encourage new bloggers to check it out.