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It is unbelievable how difficult it can be to choose the perfect quote to share with our Instagram communities! You want your content to resonate with your followers and encourage them to engage with comments and likes. Despite the many thousands of quotes throughout the internet I usually browse about ten web pages of quotes… Continue reading 52 MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES FOR YOUR NEXT INSTAGRAM POST

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Spending time on yourself, with yourself, and for yourself is the most important thing you can do to forge a happy life for your family and success in your business! If you are unhappy, your family will be unhappy; if you are confident - that confidence will be displayed in every task and interaction you do for and on behalf of the family in addition to your business and the satisfaction of your clients! “Self-care is how you take your power back.”– Lalah Delia Yes, I know you are strapped for time - I have 7 kids & 4 home businesses, home-schooling and a myriad of responsibilities and bills I would rather not think about right now - having extra time does not really exist for me... ... in situations like this, you simply have to MAKE TIME for self-care, and remind yourself exactly why it is so darn important to at least dedicate one day a week to it! Read on if you want to know more about how you can snag some time each week to practice a self-care routine, what to do for yourself during self-care and how to create an effective self-care routine tailored to your individual needs.

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When people first find out that I am a mother of seven children the reaction is always obvious shock - and I totally get it. Besides thinking I am absolutely nuts; no one is accustomed to mothers of multiple children who do not have bags under their eyes, a slump in their back - or who always have their hair neatly combed while still producing top achieving children who are apparently happier than they even should be. Contrary to popular belief - having children is not a reason to totally let yourself go - it is THE reason to BE YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST! And yes, as mothers we do lack time for ourselves even for the simplest of things; - like taking a pee for example - but one of the many, many things I have learnt from being a mother is this - 'motherhood gets a whole lot more frustrating AND difficult when you allow yourself to look and feel like something the cat dragged in.' As women, as mothers - finding time to put ourselves together each day - and back together each evening before bedtime is vital in maintaining not just our bodies, but also our sanity! I am begging you to not give up on your beauty and your confidence because you are busy building everyone else's! The people who need you, need you at your best! There are just more reasons to fight to find the time for YOU than to give up altogether and I think that understanding the reasons you deserve to practice a self-care routine and all the amazing benefits of having one can truly change your life! So if you are ready to feel more beautiful and confident, and for all that glorious feeling to resonate through your entire being even when tackling the mound of dirty dishes in the sink - read on!

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Did you know that rice water has the potential to stop hair from falling and breaking? It can also double the speed of your hair growth! This certainly came as a surprise to me when my 16 year old daughter caught wind of this increasingly popular new natural beauty trend. Soon after I personally began to witness my daughters hair transformation I began making and applying a rice water solution to my hair as well to be equally thrilled at the results I have been getting in just 3 short weeks! If you have been trying everything on the shelves to reduce your hair's breakage, you should give rice water a go to help bring your hair back to health - rice water may just be the answer for you! If you have not heard about this miraculous solution for dull, damaged, slow-growing hair then check out this post to learn the history, the benefits and how to make and use your own rice water hair solution!

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Lovely day to you and yours! I just had to update you on what has been happening! This is something that has been keeping me up at night and I am so excited to finally be able to share it! I just cannot stop thinking about all the amazing women online in the blogging and influencer world who are just filled with knowledge, experience, splendid tips, advice and motivation. These women and their voices have been shining lights in so many dark moments of my life and their inspiring stories often provided me the drive and encouragement I need in various difficult times of my relationships, motherhood, career, business and blogging journey. The internet is riddled with their awesomeness - you know - their recipes, their arts, crafts, super intelligent ways to save and answers to so many of our problems. In fact, I am now on a mission to gather up and beautifully compile in to a handy eBook the brilliance and beauty of inspiring and wonderful blogging and influencer women around the world so that others can easily access their motivating quotes, thoughts and stories every time a 'picker-upper' is needed! I know I could find all the quotes and stories I need right here on the internet or even write a few myself - but that would not be as much fun or even remotely make the same impact as hearing it from lovely, successful women who submit specifically to be featured in this eBook of life and love and who actively play a part in the creation of its content and energy! As a mommy of 7 daughters I should imagine such a book would be a diamond of a gift for my teens and other ladies all over the world! To read these stories of each climb to success- each witty and proactive journey to exactly where she wanted to be, each beautiful and inspiring story, motto, poem, piece of advice from the brilliant mind of a triumphantly satisfied lady who changed her life through faith and confidence - I simply get chills thinking about it! Would you like to share your thoughts with the world alongside other like-minded and successful women who want to change the lives and empower other women to follow their dreams, work hard, make a plan, stick to it and to not be afraid to step out in confidence even when everyone is telling them not to? I know you have been there too!  If this sounds like you and something you would like to put your name to; join our mission by adding your story, your, voice and your unique contribution to this wonderful compilation of total confidence and female intelligence - let me tell you more about what we are up to now!

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I trust that you and your family have been doing well and are finding great ways to keep busy and reduce the stresses we are all prune to worldwide right now! I am definitely praying for the best outcome for our planet like many others are right now.

Despite everything I have been counting my blessings and keeping my mind focused on as much positive things as possible. The girls and I are keeping active in the community by contributing to the many efforts and community initiatives taking place in our country. There have been many wonderful families who have been negatively affected by the economic impact of Covid around here and it is taking everyone's effort to help out. I hope things are not too out-of-whack near you.

At home I have turned to baking quite often and squeezing in exercise of course, though never as often as I would like. After 7 pregnancies I managed to keep things together by using a variety of targeted exercises, though never routinely or even consistently, yet it somehow 'works out' haha.

In addition to enjoying a little sensuality and fitness through belly dancing around my living room; the Ab Roller has been one of my fave exercise tools for repairing and strengthening my abdominal muscles over the past 14+ years. I usually start doing this 8 to 12 weeks after birth and have managed to maintain a comfortable weight, size and tone. Take a stroll over to my blog to hear my experience with ab rolling and a bit about recovering your body after childbirth.

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Today I am feeling so grateful for so many wonderful reasons - but my top reasons are life and health and the opportunity to spend today with my seven unique and wonderful daughters. I am happy to be at home with no where to go and to spend time reflecting on how far my life has come from the sadness and darkness it was less than a decade ago. Sex, drugs, alcohol and severe domestic violence threatened to take my life on multiple occasions. I lived confused and depressed - nothing ever went right and one night things got much worst... "My moment of realization came the night I screamed out to God to save my life as my ex-husband stood on my back while I lay face-down in a lily pond he had thrown me in to. I can hardly remember anything except praying for life as my head was under the murky water. Somehow I did lift my head and saw three of my daughters standing in the doorway helpless and crying as he proceeded to hold a post and jump on my back a few times shoving me to the bottom."...

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Talking to teens about sex is never an easy topic for most parents but it is one of the most important discussions we must have. In this short post I chose to share some encouragement for mommas who are preparing to or worrying about the day they have to open up and talk to their daughters about sex.

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Don't rush out to the store for face masks when you can find alternative methods at home by up-cycling other items!

Here I made myself several masks from my daughter's no-longer-used Gerber burp cloths. These burp cloths are 100% cotton, tightly woven and already sewn in double and/or triple layers!

Quick and easy instructions and video on my blog.

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As viral threats abound I continue to seek out ways to protect my family despite already self isolating as much as possible for several weeks at our home in the Cayman Islands. As we watch numbers rise and the battle against covid-19 ramp up we are following all recommended advice from hand-washing to sanitizing and trying to create a more self-sustaining environment at home to avoid any occasional trip to the supermarket or pharmacy. Still, the daily shocking news events from around the world and our small island home is enough to make us want to put up our hurricane shutters. Then I remind myself that this too shall pass and beyond avoiding transmission we should spend time preparing our bodies just in case, somehow, any of us become one of the stats. Beyond constant hydrating it is important to boost immunity with exercise and healthy food and drinks which is why I had turned to one of my favourite teas. Turmeric is a viral fighter and immune booster like no other and the tea has been shown to protect and boost immunity against the cold and flu due to its unique and potent ingredient curcumin. To help you incorporate this super-food in to your diet quickly and easily, here is my super simple, quick and easy recipe for turmeric tea. You should be able to find turmeric root in any supermarket or natural foods store. If not you can choose to use the turmeric powder which is often readily available in your seasoning aisle.