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We are super excited and happy to let every woman that reads this eBook know exactly how and where to find the wonderful and successful women who joined this mission and made it happen! We want them to learn more about your journey, your business, blog, influencer projects, YT Channel and all the rest of the great things you are involved with in addition to the ‘100 Inspirational Gems from Super Successful Women in Online Business’ project!

In order to do this, you will be asked to provide some fantastic details about yourself and your projects, such as a photo of yourself, your website address and any social media links you would like readers to visit to learn more about you and all that you do.

There is no doubt that once this eBook gets in front of the world’s audience of millions of goal-oriented women who are hungry for the keys to success and the motivation to find them, like me, they will surely want to know more about the woman whose story, poem, quote or advice touched their heart and their life! We want to give every woman, every chance to engage with you and to continue to be mentored and inspired by you! If you have a blog – we want that URL included! If you are on social media – we don’t care if it takes an entire page in the book to list your accounts – we want those in there! We want your podcast details, your YouTube channel address, your courses, your business – your bio and pic!

Content contributors are asked to provide the following items which are to be added within the eBook in addition to your story, poem, quote or advice:

  1.  Short Bio (up to 150 words)
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  4. Social Media Links; and
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We want women who fall in love with your spirit and drive to be even more motivated to keep going by following and keeping up with you, the woman who encouraged them to take the next steps to happiness and success. This eBook will get you and what you are about right in front of the ladies who need to hear you the most and this is why it is so important for you to be a part of this and help us encourage and change the lives of women around the world!



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