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1 Age is not a Boundary Stories from women who did more than society expects of them at their age (young and old)
2 Moving Forward from Disappointment These women overcame disappointment that could have ended their dreams
3 Overcoming Obstacles in Business Beating the odds in business
4 Say Good-bye to Self-doubt We can be our worst critic – advice from ladies who learnt to love themselves
5 Building Your Confidence Tips from confident women about how to develop the confidence to chase your goals!
6 Balancing Motherhood & Making Money Building a business and being a mother can be very difficult; here is motivation from women who became successful while rocking the cradle
7 Poems that Inspire Beautiful poems to uplift you written by intelligent, creative female minds
8 A Woman’s Drive Wonderful commentary from brilliant women who are self-driven and self-made
9 The Beauty of Brain Stories of women who focused on their intellect before their beauty and got the best of both worlds!
10 Taking a Chance on Yourself Here are women who will tell you exactly why you have to believe in yourself before anyone else can or will!
11 Embracing Difficult Changes Life can throw us lemons for sure and it can be very difficult – we have to get pass these rough stages to reach the mountain top
12 Effective Communication Smart stories about why carefully choosing your words and tone can save your business and relationships
13 The Courage to Aspire There are so many reasons to reach for the stars, these women tell you why and how
14 No more dreaming, just doing! We can spend a lot of time focusing on our dreams instead of taking action steps to achieving them – time to become a doer and move forward
15 Life-long Learning We are never, ever too old to keep learning; step out and step up with these thoughts from women who love to learn
16 Overcoming the Feeling of Failure Ah yes, the feeling of failure – show me the purpose that has never felt this horrible emotion… it too must pass and here is how and why!
17 The Faith Formula Stories of how steps of faith brought these ladies through tough times to exactly where they wanted to be
18 Building a Business from Nothing Is it possible to build a business with no money and no connections? These women did it and say that you can too!
19 How Fitness Can Help You Focus Stories of how getting fit and healthy changed these ladies lives and helped them focus on reaching their life and business goals
20 The Freedom of Forgiveness Why letting go of wrongs that were done to you can be the best step to moving forward and focusing on your plans
21 The Perfect Friendship These are women whose friendships lead them to success in their lives and businesses
22 Funny and Fabulous Favorites Tips & Quotes Some of our favorite quick tips and quotes
23 Only The Hand of God These women attribute their faith in God to helping them overcome some of their most difficult obstacles and here are their stories
24 Avoiding Distractions Stories and thoughts on how to (and why) it is important to stay focuses and avoid distractions
25 Health is Happiness Making healthy choices to increase your focus, energy and drive
26 Personal Prayers of Successful Women Beautiful and powerful prayers from women who found their success through faith
27 Imagination Can Lead You Thinking outside the box can change your life and business
28 Accepting a Leadership Role Becoming a leader can be challenging and scary – it is important to keep developing yourself so that you can effectively lead and to accept the role with passion and commitment
29 Coincidences that Changed a Life Unexpected mircales with amazing, life changing results
30 Visions & Revelations Miraculous premonitions that guided these women to the front door of their success
31 Answered Prayers Prayers can take minutes to decades to be answered sometimes; but when they are, it can be a whirlwind of wonders!
32 Blessing Your Marriage  & Business Often marriage and business can be a great combination – it can also bring out some extreme differences – finding a balance is the key to success in both
33 Never Give Up Stories of women who were on the brink of throwing in the towel and didn’t – now they are some of the most successful entrepreneurs on the internet
34 Passion for Patience Be patient and focused; lead your life and business with grace and you will succeed – these ladies are proof and you can do it too.



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