What types of submissions can I provide?

An ‘Inspiring a Women’s Journey to Success’ story  is an inspirational, true story , poem, motto, personal quote, piece of advice, tip or paragraph (the “Story ” or “Stories”) written by a confident and self-made woman with the sole purpose to encourage and (you guessed it) inspire another woman or young lady who is now starting on her journey and/or making her way through it.


What are the topic categories?

You can view the full list of topic categories here.


How do I join the mission and submit my story?

You can submit your entry by completing the submission form here and for more details of this exciting and inspiring project visit you can find all the details on the below pages:

  1. Submission Guidelines
  2. Topic Options/Categories
  3. Contributors’ Package
  4. Affiliate Opportunity
  5. FAQs


Where will my story be published?

You contribution will be published within the ebook and shared on a variety of online outlets including social media, press releases, news sites, blogs and more. You will always be given credit for your contribution and your details will be shared with any audiences that your story reaches.


What kind of content can I include?

Your contribution should be inspirational, uplifting and encouraging to the reader. It should tell a story or simply shine a light in the hearts of the reader. It can include a spiritual aspect as well if your experiences have brought you closer to God and through some obstacle in life and/or business. Read more about our submission guidelines here.


Can my story include a spiritually-related testimony?

Certainly! We would love to hear and share your experience and inspirational contribution and know how God helped guide you to the happiness and satisfaction you have found!


How will the eBook be promoted?

The eBook will be promoted around the internet via social media promotions, press releases, reviews, giveaways and the fantastic affiliate program that you have the opportunity to be a part of.


Who is the eBook’s reader base?

The ebook is for all young ladies and woman from 16 years old and up. It will provide a happy and encouraging indulgence to uplift women all over the world.


What else should I/can I submit with my Story?

As per our Contributor’s Package, you will be asked to submit the following items if your Story is chosen for publication; this information will be presented beautifully along with your Story within the eBook:

  1.  Short Bio (up to 150 words)
  2. Your gorgeous professional head-shot/photo (hi-res, 500px X 500px)
  3. Website/Blog address (up to 2!)
  4. Social Media Links (feel free to list all of them!)


Will I get paid for contributing my story?

You sure will! Our affiliate program offers a 40% commission to contributors only!


What is the deadline for entry?

The deadline to submit an entry to be considered for inclusion is July 19, 2020


When is the proposed publication date?

The editorial team aims to publish this amazing book 1 November 2020



Content Submission Guidelines

Affiliate Opportunity

Contributor’s Package


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