Use with confidence knowing you’re only putting nature’s best responsibly sourced ingredients on your skin. So go ahead, and give yourself a GOLDEN VIP TREATMENT today! You deserve only the BEST!

Skin cells are always in a cycle of being created and destroyed. However, there are some factors, such as the environment or life style, that make matters worse. Harsh weather, pollution, sun exposure, and even dust particles can damage the skin.

The damaged cells have to be replaced, which reduces collagen levels even more. Collagen is an important protein, which the body needs to keep the skin looking young and healthy. Loss of collagen is directly related to aging skin.

Our 24K GOLD COLLAGEN EYE MASK are like super-food for your skin, will make the skin around your eyes become rejuvenate & firm.

ANTI-AGING & FEEL YOUNGER:Are you tired of those dark circles, eye bags,puffiness,wrinkles & fine lines? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and we have the answer for you!Lay down and relax with these eye masks,you look more awake and youthful

CONVENIENTLY USE ANYWHERE: This portable and independent package allows you use it anywhere conveniently like travelling or after long time work. It’s like an energy drink for your eyes.It will helps firm, lift, brighten and calm the appearance of eye skin while providing an opulent glow.

24K GOLD COLLAGEN & NATURAL EXTRACT INGREDIENTS:Excellent safe natural ingredients:

COLLAGEN EYE PADS include natural extracts, plant-based collagen, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C. well suited for sensitive skin The Gold eye mask enhances the collagen synthesis process which can combat the effects of aging and overexposure to sunlight

COLLAGEN EYE PADS: Include hyaluronic acid Vitamin C natural plant extracts. Gold eye mask for men and women restores elasticity and firmness maintains long-lasting hydration to the eye area

GREAT GIFT IDEA:Superior quality coupled with exquisite presentation, it’s the perfect wonderful gift ideas for your wife, husband, mother,friends or your loved ones.


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