One of the most important aspects to promoting your business online is creating an effective marketing campaign. To ensure your campaign is effective. it also has to be well organized and that is exactly what this cool Promotions Organizer Calendar does.

As you continue to grow; remembering & organizing all those promo dates & details will get out of hand – but not if you are using this Brand Promotions Organizer Calendar!

An easy review of the priceless data maintained within your Brand Promotions Organizer Calendar will help you plan the most effective strategy to market your brand online, increase sales and amplify your online business growth while keeping a watchful eye on budgets and progress.

Use this PROMOTIONS ORGANIZER to keep track of your scheduled features, VIP Host days, Active IG/FB Ad campaigns, press release and other important influencer/brand promotional dates & details, you can easily:

  • Keep track of all promo dates for each month
  • Monitor Instagram follower growth during each campaign
  • Provides a record of monthly marketing spends
  • Maintains a record of follower & subscriber growth
  • Easily see which promotions offered the best growth
  • Handy database of your online promoter details


A convenient drop-down menu of the most popular brand promo types is provided and will make your campaign planning and promotion scheduling fast and efficient – some of the promo types included are:

  1. Featured Post
  2. VIP Likes Host
  3. VIP LOOPS Host
  4. Giveaway Host
  5. Facebook Group Promo Day
  6. Self-hosted Giveaway
  7. Magazine Feature
  8. Magazine Article
  9. News Feature
  10. News Article
  11. Instagram Post Boost/Ad
  12. Facebook Post Boost/Ad

Now for a VERY LIMITED time you can download

this calendar for only $7

(a $142 value!)

Please DM us on IG @yoursuccessmotivator or email to send us your comments, thoughts and feedback or for support about this easy-to-use marketing tool.


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