The Instagram Brand Layout Kit is an absolute must-have social media tool for any brand or influencer looking for ways to spruce up their Instagram page to encourage faster growth and more engagement!

This easy to use and understand kits comes with everything you need to:

  1. Curate an exciting and engaging Instagram feed;
  2. Keep content fresh for your followers
  3. Show you how to layout your Instagram page like a pro
  4. Create and post content in a professional and meaningful way
  5. Choose page brand colors that represent your brand purpose
  6. Quickly design a post with the included Canva templates
  7. The bonus monthly budget will help you track marketing costs and budget
  8. The bonus monthly Promotions Planner will help you to schedule and keep track of brand promotions, spending and suppliers

Kit Includes:

  1. 10 x Instagram Design Layouts (300 posts)
  2. Instagram Post Style Guide
  3. Color Meaning Chart for Brands
  4. Canva Templates of 7 Post Styles
  5. Free Bonus: Brand Promotions Monthly Budget
  6. Free Bonus: Brand Promotions Planner


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