However you have found your way to my blog, I am happy to have you here and welcome!

I created this little zone on the internet so that I could connect with other women and mothers as we walk this difficult life of female responsibility. There is no doubt that the numerous pressures, duties and struggles we women around the world face on a daily basis as we attempt to be good partners, wives, mothers, employees, business woman can some days have us wanting to pull our hair/weave out – journeying this life as a woman is a lot like trying to climb a mountain wearing high heeled shoes.

No matter what obstacle we face often we ladies find ways to battle that beast in high fashion with grace – nevertheless our struggles can often find us also battling depression and anxiety. For us who have experienced hunger, homelessness and domestic violence amidst all the other usual tribulations – we often set out to save other women from the pain and mental suffering that these experience cause.

Beyond providing a place of inspiration and encouragement for all the women climbing their mountains in heels around the world – I am hoping (and praying) that my blog will change lives and connect lives by forming a community of strong women with powerful stories who want to prepare the next generation of female leaders to be ready for their journey while avoiding any of the pitfalls and self-set booby-traps we may have escaped if we too had prior warning.


Megan Elizabeth