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Heya, I trust that you and your family have been doing well and are finding great ways to keep busy and reduce the stresses we are all prune to worldwide right now! I am definitely praying for the best outcome for our planet like many others are right now. Despite everything I have been counting my blessings and keeping my mind focused on as much positive things as possible. The girls and I are keeping active in the community by contributing to the many efforts and community initiatives taking place in our country. There have been many wonderful families who have been negatively affected by the economic impact of Covid around here and it is taking everyone's effort to help out. I hope things are not too out-of-whack near you. At home I have turned to baking quite often and squeezing in exercise of course, though never as often as I would like. After 7 pregnancies I managed to keep things together by using a variety of targeted exercises, though never routinely or even consistently, yet it somehow 'works out' haha. In addition to enjoying a little sensuality and fitness through belly dancing around my living room; the Ab Roller has been one of my fave exercise tools for repairing and strengthening my abdominal muscles over the past 14+ years. I usually start doing this 8 to 12 weeks after birth and have managed to maintain a comfortable weight, size and tone. Take a stroll over to my blog to hear my experience with ab rolling and a bit about recovering your body after childbirth.