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Lovely day to you and yours! I just had to update you on what has been happening! This is something that has been keeping me up at night and I am so excited to finally be able to share it! I just cannot stop thinking about all the amazing women online in the blogging and influencer world who are just filled with knowledge, experience, splendid tips, advice and motivation. These women and their voices have been shining lights in so many dark moments of my life and their inspiring stories often provided me the drive and encouragement I need in various difficult times of my relationships, motherhood, career, business and blogging journey. The internet is riddled with their awesomeness - you know - their recipes, their arts, crafts, super intelligent ways to save and answers to so many of our problems. In fact, I am now on a mission to gather up and beautifully compile in to a handy eBook the brilliance and beauty of inspiring and wonderful blogging and influencer women around the world so that others can easily access their motivating quotes, thoughts and stories every time a 'picker-upper' is needed! I know I could find all the quotes and stories I need right here on the internet or even write a few myself - but that would not be as much fun or even remotely make the same impact as hearing it from lovely, successful women who submit specifically to be featured in this eBook of life and love and who actively play a part in the creation of its content and energy! As a mommy of 7 daughters I should imagine such a book would be a diamond of a gift for my teens and other ladies all over the world! To read these stories of each climb to success- each witty and proactive journey to exactly where she wanted to be, each beautiful and inspiring story, motto, poem, piece of advice from the brilliant mind of a triumphantly satisfied lady who changed her life through faith and confidence - I simply get chills thinking about it! Would you like to share your thoughts with the world alongside other like-minded and successful women who want to change the lives and empower other women to follow their dreams, work hard, make a plan, stick to it and to not be afraid to step out in confidence even when everyone is telling them not to? I know you have been there too!  If this sounds like you and something you would like to put your name to; join our mission by adding your story, your, voice and your unique contribution to this wonderful compilation of total confidence and female intelligence - let me tell you more about what we are up to now!

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Good day to you!

How is everything going? Have you found any creative ways to keep track of the days? Haha - me either!

I have been getting some "me time" lately by waking up at 3am each day; the house is so calm and quiet because my 7 wild and wacky daughters are all peacefully in their beds asleep. Never thought I would become such a devoted morning person, but doing this has helped me keep my sanity and my businesses going with all the chaos that abounds!

Of course, I can look forward to hearing bedroom doors opening by 7am, that means I have to be ready to tackle a full day of meal preps, learning activities, nap times, nappy changes, teenage girl tantrums and more. When I want to restore some sort of calm I choose a session of reading with my 4 youngest (8, 5, 4 and 2!)

As we adjust to our "new normal"; millions of us around the world have had to "relearn" daily life in a sudden change of plans and events that none of us could have ever expected. And to add madness to mayhem we also have to ensure our children don't fall back a grade level academically while at home in our care. Based on the number of emails, messages and phone calls I get on a daily basis from a combined 30+ teachers between my  school-aged children - our children's schools are obviously in high anticipation that we return our children to school on par with our national curriculum and expected grade levels... no pressure there at all, right?. 

Honestly, there are some days where I just have to skip the fancy, overwhelming home-school schedule and spend an hour of reading excitedly to my little ones. Simply reading has proven to have its way of keeping my girls focused and academically stable during all this global madness as we await the day they can actually return to school.

If you are drowning under housework, home-school, working-from-home, meal prep, boredom and/or just trying to survive within your home's four walls with energetic kids everywhere - take a breather, read a few books, escape from the day's reality and spend some quality time. My girls and I have shared a short list of children's books we would recommend to you for your little ones and many of them are also free to download on kindle! 😉