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There comes a point of time in your life when you get bored with the number of zeros in your account. Well, it did to me. And, that’s exactly when I got hold of this monstrous idea of a side hustle. Something you don’t need an age to do. Something that won’t judge your creative… Continue reading 8 MAKE-MONEY SIDE HUSTLES THAT ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE

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Hi there!

I sure hope that this week has been progressing well for you. So far, so good on this end - I am keeping very busy at home which is to be expected with a household the size of mine haha. With homeschooling in full swing I do not get much time in the day to work on my blog so I have been up late getting things done and as I watch my stats begin to climb it made me remember when I first got started with this blog and why I chose to build it on

Over the past several days I have had several friends and family ask me about my experience with blogging so far and what are my suggestions for anyone who is thinking of starting a blog or revamping their current one. I really love when people engage me on this topic because blogging has been a great way for me to meet new friends, share my thoughts and hopefully help or entertain anyone who stumbles upon my little piece of the big internet.

Particularly now as we all hunker down at home waiting for this pandemic to ease away, interest in blogging has spiked and I really encourage anyone considering starting a blog to just get started! There is always room for new content and a new voice on the web so do not be discouraged - the internet is the information headquarters of the world because of bloggers like you and me who simply stop making excuses and start posting.

I have been using WordPress for years for my business websites; my husband is a huge fan and builds websites for clients of his ecommerce and tech business using it. I knew I could get his help setting me up on and he did show me how - but managing my own server and all the rest of the techy things the .org WordPress option required was not how I wanted to spend my time - I wanted to spend my time learning how to create great content, editing my videos and getting familiar with what it takes to make a great blog.

That is when I began to explore and found that it is exactly what I needed for my blog for many reasons. Join me for a quick moment to find out why I have been loving my blogging experience and really encourage new bloggers to check it out.

Family Finances


Parents know and understand that raising children costs money in this modern life and it is important to know and understand ways to save when on a family budget.

Our family has come a very long way over the years - in fact, there was a point when my partner and I lived in our car on the beach for some weeks as we had used all our savings on what is now our successful business - but that is another story for another time.

If you want to learn some of the ways we save money without totally sacrificing a comfortable standard of living for our family then take a quick moment to check out these 10 budget tips for families.