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As viral threats abound I continue to seek out ways to protect my family despite already self isolating as much as possible for several weeks at our home in the Cayman Islands. As we watch numbers rise and the battle against covid-19 ramp up we are following all recommended advice from hand-washing to sanitizing and trying to create a more self-sustaining environment at home to avoid any occasional trip to the supermarket or pharmacy. Still, the daily shocking news events from around the world and our small island home is enough to make us want to put up our hurricane shutters. Then I remind myself that this too shall pass and beyond avoiding transmission we should spend time preparing our bodies just in case, somehow, any of us become one of the stats. Beyond constant hydrating it is important to boost immunity with exercise and healthy food and drinks which is why I had turned to one of my favourite teas. Turmeric is a viral fighter and immune booster like no other and the tea has been shown to protect and boost immunity against the cold and flu due to its unique and potent ingredient curcumin. To help you incorporate this super-food in to your diet quickly and easily, here is my super simple, quick and easy recipe for turmeric tea. You should be able to find turmeric root in any supermarket or natural foods store. If not you can choose to use the turmeric powder which is often readily available in your seasoning aisle.