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Spending time on yourself, with yourself, and for yourself is the most important thing you can do to forge a happy life for your family and success in your business! If you are unhappy, your family will be unhappy; if you are confident - that confidence will be displayed in every task and interaction you do for and on behalf of the family in addition to your business and the satisfaction of your clients! “Self-care is how you take your power back.”– Lalah Delia Yes, I know you are strapped for time - I have 7 kids & 4 home businesses, home-schooling and a myriad of responsibilities and bills I would rather not think about right now - having extra time does not really exist for me... ... in situations like this, you simply have to MAKE TIME for self-care, and remind yourself exactly why it is so darn important to at least dedicate one day a week to it! Read on if you want to know more about how you can snag some time each week to practice a self-care routine, what to do for yourself during self-care and how to create an effective self-care routine tailored to your individual needs.

Beauty & Style, Fitness for Fun, Inspiration & Motivation, Mind & Body, Natural Health & Wellness


When people first find out that I am a mother of seven children the reaction is always obvious shock - and I totally get it. Besides thinking I am absolutely nuts; no one is accustomed to mothers of multiple children who do not have bags under their eyes, a slump in their back - or who always have their hair neatly combed while still producing top achieving children who are apparently happier than they even should be. Contrary to popular belief - having children is not a reason to totally let yourself go - it is THE reason to BE YOUR ABSOLUTE BEST! And yes, as mothers we do lack time for ourselves even for the simplest of things; - like taking a pee for example - but one of the many, many things I have learnt from being a mother is this - 'motherhood gets a whole lot more frustrating AND difficult when you allow yourself to look and feel like something the cat dragged in.' As women, as mothers - finding time to put ourselves together each day - and back together each evening before bedtime is vital in maintaining not just our bodies, but also our sanity! I am begging you to not give up on your beauty and your confidence because you are busy building everyone else's! The people who need you, need you at your best! There are just more reasons to fight to find the time for YOU than to give up altogether and I think that understanding the reasons you deserve to practice a self-care routine and all the amazing benefits of having one can truly change your life! So if you are ready to feel more beautiful and confident, and for all that glorious feeling to resonate through your entire being even when tackling the mound of dirty dishes in the sink - read on!